Position problems!

    • kidzoltan
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      I am trying to setup my elephant for about 4-5 hours. It's unbelievable. The HUD appears but it's shows the stats on the wrong place, so i got no clue which stat belongs to which player.. If I set to show names, after some time they just dissapear. I am playing at fulltilt. I noticed this problem at other players to but i could find any good explanation for solving the issue. I know that i can move the stats, but that's crazy, i won't do it at 10 tables, it's very hard...
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    • mrk1988
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      Hey kidzoltan,

      please check: Stats position problem

      Unfortunately there is currently no other way to move to the stats correctly for all tables at the same time. This will change in future updates of the elephant but for now you have to set it for every table.
    • vdgssb
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      I have the same problem,

      the thing is, that I have to set for every hand the right position for the stats.
      elephant doesnt seem to remember the setings from one hand to another.
      when the hand ends the stats return to the default order.