quiz downlooad (pdf file)? (and introduction)

    • akulamask
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      Hello, is it possible to download the newbies chapters at once?
      i am sicked of tipping page one, page 2, etc
      would be very nice if someone would do this :D
      btw had 2 royal flushes allready. and about 7-10 times 4 of a kind gg.
      Actually can rember Kings, 7´s (used to call all of them as a noob^^^),5s,3s,and aces in omaha.Also 9s ---
      need now aces ,2s,and 10s...just to start with =)
      favourite fh:queens over 7s (used to be)
      right now: Aces -Kings
      favourite 2 pair: 10K
      favourite straight: 2-6
      favourite PH: all pairs down to 10s, aces and kings most favourite =)
      playing poker since 2002 but not on a regular bassis since i have work and school and now work and work :D :D
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