whats up fellow pokerstrategiests?

i made this blog so i can monitor my success in poker, to motivate myself and to be able to look back at the start of my poker career at a future point in time

I was introduced to poker only this summer at the beginning of august. I deposited then 10 euro on pokerstars, which was quickly lost.

I didn't have any money for a deposit, so i tried my luck with freerolls on fulltilt. with a little bit of luck i made 2$ and the next day again 2$ in the same freeroll. I use the money only for sng and mtt. but its taking me very long and so far i've only been able to increase my bankroll to 39,25$.

My main poker account is now on partypoker. I got my 50$ starting capital there. I play cash games on this account only. To my shame i have to admit i am not sticking to BRM. My bankroll is now 208,13$ and i'm playing HU 0.25/0.5. This is way beyond my bankroll and i want to switch back again to a proper limit, because i am aware of the danger of a bust.

I will give more information when i have more time and also upload graphs, hands etc...

26.10.2010 Total Bankroll: 208,13+39,25= 247,38