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      Hello forum.
      So, i have busted my starting capital in like 4 days :s_thumbsup:
      And that`s because i`m very bad player. Played 1$ 1-Table SnGand 3$ Multi-Table SnG at Party Poker. And i know, that was punishment for my bankroll, but what else i was supposed to play? I`m even worse at cash games and there is no lower buy-in SnG`s. I have spent a lot of time on watching videos, reading articles and trying to master this game. Unfortunately that didn't change the fact that i suck.
      Yet, i`m not giving up. I think i will make deposit on Poker Stars (My account there is not tracked to PS :( ) and play <1$ MTT and SnG.
      And question would be, where can i learn playing these extremely low limits?
      I mean things like "He have raised UTG, he must have very strong card" doesn't work.

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