Cash Game NL50-NL100 Blog: Bleeding My MTT winnings to Debt free

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      Alright guys, its been long enough that I've been dicking around with poker, played through all the limits, currently playing NL50/NL100 on Merge.

      I have posted a couple of times about my issues with bleeding money out, stats always -EV for the day, losing money (not a lot but some). Essentially I have been able to keep playing by cashing MTT's quite frequently... currently around 60-70% of the time. Pretty good! However sometimes we dont all have the time required to dedicate to sitting and playing through 4-10 tournies to come up empty handed.

      Currently I am out of work, waiting to start my next job which I'm hoping will begin the first week of November.

      This blog will be my bible to success. I will post up once or twice a day with session results, hands (if I can figure out how to convert), stats for the day, spots where I think I am leaking or not playing my A game, and spots where I think I am doing very well.

      I will set some goals once I determine what I want those goals to be, however at this point in time I am not really sure, will all depend once I start my job and find out how much time I have for poker at that point. Currently I have all day and night! hahaha.

      So here we go, here are the basics of what my blog will revolve around:
      Site: Carbon Poker (Merge Gaming - Unfortunately not tracked through
      Type: NL Holdem
      Stake: NL50-NL100
      Players: 6 max (SH)

      I will include results from MTT's that I play as well, currently throwing in 5-6 a day between sessions and such.. its a nice break from the grinding of 6 tables, just moving down to 4 tournies at a time.. find it really helps my psychie.

      Anyways, please feel free to post up your comments, thoughts, suggestions. I look forward to sharing my experience and success with you guys!

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    • SSSC2NV
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      Here is stats for session #1

      What I've been working on to fix my "problems"
      - Not 3betting enough IP
      - Calling too many 4bets
      - Firing too many cbets - getting caught in chk/raise spots
      - Giving up on hands - I was holding on firing 2-3 barrels trying to save face - NO MORE!
      - Not using NO LIMIT to my advantage, now including overbets, value bets and shoves to force opponents to make mistakes
      - Over valuing hands - AJ, AQ, QJ, QT and JJ seem to be big ones for me
      - Small pairs - raising pre flop to build the pot, throwing away if I know I'm beat. (previously was holding on hoping for that set to come... then on the river going "WTF, now im down 10+ BBs and Im crushed)

      Overall - Great session, ran REALLY good, put a few people on tilt, forcing them to 4bet shove to my constant 3betting IP. This is part of my game, grinding the psychie of a select few players that I know will get mad (they usually speak a lot at the table, cursing etc..) by 3betting IP a lot, then when I have them where I want them, I wait for a big hand, rinse and repeat.. wait for the shove, stack em off!

      That being said, I did lose a big hand w AA vs QJs. Unfortunately it was a BIG fish who is very passive, I tried to induce play from him with a Ah9c6d board, he checked behind, turn came a heart, not a dangerous one, I check, he bets 3/4 the pot... I timebank, 3x his bet, he smooth calls, river.. you guessed it, a heart. Unfortunately he only had like $15 left, so I was pretty much left to call with odds. No biggie, I re-stacked him a few hands later.. hahaha

      So without further delay, here is session #1's graphs.