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Fl blog. 0$-1000$

    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278

      first a little something about myself, I'm a college student, I've got one more year to go after this one.

      I joined pokerstrategy about 2 years ago, and chose titan as my platform (like many of you, I had created an account at pokerstars, full tilt, 888 everest etc hoping to somewhere hit it off in a freeroll and get rich). Sadly I don't like titan.

      I played Fl there, 0.05$-0.010$, and grew my bankroll from 50$ to a peak of about 62$. Since, I've tried to play just about everything, double ups, Hu, limit, omaha,... everything there is. About a year ago I gave up playing seriously.

      Before I had my pokerstrategy account, I had been fooling around on pokerstars a bit, and had won 2 tickets to a weekly round two freeroll. Some sunday night I used the first ticket and lost, some months later I used the second and won 1.30$

      with these 1.30$ I was again, just fooling around, but turned it into something like 6$ mainly playing fl omaha hi lo.

      2 weeks ago I felt seriously bored (beginning of the college season and all that) so I decided to play a bit, (0.10 SNG's and 0.25 SNG's combined with some razz and fl holdem) and it all went right, 6 dollars where turned into 20$. last week went up to 22$ down to 18$ and finished break even at 20$.

      This week I decided to reinstall pokerstrategy elephant, and use the promotion that gives 10SP for every day when you earn 1sp to earn the full license.

      Currently I have 890 SP (so I'm 110 points away from getting the license, I'm playing 1 2.40 double up every day on titan so I'm about 10 playing days away from getting this license.)

      This week, I started to methodically grind 0.02$-0.04$ on pokerstrategy. I started out 6-tabling (something I was still used to), upgraded to 8-tabling yesterday and took a go at 12-tabling but I that was a bit to much, so I quit doing that after 200 hands (still finished that session 0.13$ up though).

      So monday I grinded slightly above 600 hands. Yesterday 2100, and today I currently played about 1500 hands, and I just the 30$ milestone, the point at which I'm heading to 0.05-0.10$ although to be honest, I already played some there since I had about 27$. Over the course of this week I've been running at about 12bb/100 hands

      So. What's the plan?

      I intend to start playing 0.05-0.10 with this bankroll. and grind my way up. My longterm goal is to earn a nice amount of money by the time I graduate in june 2012. Currently I've set that goal at 1000$, that would allow me to take a nice trip before I start working Also it would be nice if I could keep on earning some money while I'm working. Having a hobby that actually pays money instead of costs money is huge imo.

      If someone would tell me how to copy paste a picture into this, I'll post a copy of my elephant winnings graph of the past 3 days.

      I'm now going to start playing a session at 0.05$-0.1$, but I'll be just 4-tabling for the moment if everything goes right, I'll be upgrading that to 6 then 8 tables in no time.

      So, that's about it for now, I'll try to post updates regularly here.
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    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      I finished yesterday's evening session up 3.92$, so my total bankroll is now 34.69$. I've been using a different tactic though, sitting down at an mepty table, waiting for someone to sit down, and play him heads up. Then when the table get's to full, leave. It's been highly profitable so far.

      So, here goes today's session, let's hope I can make some money

      [EDIT] update on the session: after 737 hands at 15.14bb/ 100 hands I now have a bankroll of 40.25$.

      I'm going to take a break now, and in an hour or so pick it up again. [/EDIT]
    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      For the past few days I've been on a holiday to Germany, it was fun, but I'm back in my dorm now.

      Since I posted that I had reached 40$ I've lost a bit. I'm a bit at a loss to the style of playing at 0.05$-0.10$. People appear to raise and reraise with absolutely nothing pre flop which makes it rather hard to put them on a range post flop.

      Known players:

      0,05/0,1 Fixed-Limit Hold'em (9 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Elephant 0.90 by

      Preflop: Hero is BB with A:diamond: , J:club:
      UTG1 calls, UTG2 folds, MP1 calls, 3 folds, BU calls, SB calls, Hero raises, UTG1 calls, MP1 calls, BU 3-bets, SB caps, Hero calls, UTG1 calls, MP1 calls, BU calls.

      Flop: (20,00 SB) J:spade: , 9:spade: , 7:spade: (5 players)
      SB bets, Hero raises, UTG1 calls, 2 folds, SB 3-bets, Hero calls, UTG1 calls.

      Turn: (14,50 BB) 4:diamond: (3 players)
      SB bets, Hero calls, UTG1 calls.

      River: (17,50 BB) K:heart: (3 players)
      SB checks, Hero checks, UTG1 checks.

      Final Pot: 17,50 BB

      Results follow (highlight to see):
      UTG1 shows two pairs, koningen and zevens (Ks 7c)
      SB shows (9c 8s)
      Hero shows (Ad Jc)

      UTG1 wins with two pairs, koningen and zevens (Ks 7c)

      This is a completely normal hand there (the pre flop part especially)

      In respons to that I've started to play looser and way more aggressive, but I think the answer might actually be to tighten up.

      Tonight, I'm going to play 0.02-0.04 again to get in touch with my normal playing style again, and tomorrow I'll try my tighter play at 0.05-0.10 again.
    • One12ver
      Joined: 22.05.2008 Posts: 249
      Welcome to the FL club. Good luck with the adventure and try to keep calm and thinking clear when playing FL because people will call with anything so be prepared for some awsome showdowns. :f_biggrin:

      Last hand I would have not raised the flop, way too many players seeing the flop and way too many draws or chances for bigger pairs or 3kind to play so aggresive.
    • kevvu
      Joined: 11.05.2008 Posts: 1,527
      GL with your poker career. I once were also FL player ;) .
      Isnt it a little too loose to cc cap prf on FR table. U are pretty much never ahead IMO. Most likely u can call suited one and play for a big pot, but offsuited, not rly.
    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      I just hit the next step in improving my bankroll, I'm now having 50$.

      Rather then just constantly grinding limit tables I've also been playing a few 45man 25c sit and go's. On top of hitting the 50$ mark I've also played over 10k hands since I've restated using PS elephant, (together with the start of this blog)

      I'm just 40 strategy points away from my license, and I can't wait to finally see the analysis page and hopefully spot a few leaks.

      next stop: 60$ when I will begin grinding the 0.1-0.2 fl tables, I also think that I can generate enough volume at that level to make it to silver status on stars.
    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      Okay, It's a new week, and I've decided to start and set myself some education goals rather than just grinding for hours on end. Currently my bankroll is at 47.84$.

      The goals I've set for this week are:

      1 read at least 1 silver article a day (I've already read most of them about a year ago, but a reminder can't hurt)

      2 at the end of the week, post 3 great hands AND 3 bad hands in this blog (as in well played, and bad played, money won or lost shouldn't influence wether they are posted or not.

      3 read 5 hand evaluations a day

      4 Finally reach the amount of 1000 SP and get the elephant license.

      5 have the discipline to only play 0.05-0.1 FL FR and 0.25$ 45man NLH SNG's (unless if bankroll would allow moving up a limit)

      It'd be nice if I succeeded in reaching a bankroll of 60$ so I can start playing 0.1-0.2 but I'll try not to have monetary goals.
    • phantommm92
      Joined: 14.05.2010 Posts: 1,464
      hello man :) i would like to suggest maybe doing a dual blog for two of us, and the reasons are these:
      1.maybe we will have even a bit more interesting ideas on hands and more motivation :)
      2.we both play limit hold'em :)
      3.a dual limit blog might be more interesting to the community :)

      what do you think about it?

      maybe you can post a graph it would be nice :)
    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      Allright, a week has passed, time to evaluate.

      Point 1: less or more accomplished. I've read 7 articles, but didn't exactly read 1 a day. Some days I read none, some days a few.

      Point 2: complete fail. My ps elephant has crashed completely, and it refuses to work at all. I'll try to deinstall it and reinstall it tomorrow, see if that helps.

      point 3: success. I've also posted one of my own hands there.

      point 4: succes, but due to the crash it didn't have any effect on my playing yet.

      Point 5: less or more succeeded here. I haven't played different games or out of my bankroll, but I did play some 0.02-0.04, can't really say why.

      So, on a whole I think this week was pretty well.

      On top of this; I've read leatherass's treat your poker like a business, and although I realise that it was written for players way more advanced than me, I've managed to take a few things away from it: "Try to only play completely focussed" and "Time is the most important asset for a poker player".

      So I'm going to set my goals for this week now.

      I'm going to repeat 1 3 and 5, and add: de-install and reinstall elephant, and if that doesn't work ask for support untill I can get the damn thing to function properly.

      my bankroll is at 50.44$, so I made 2.6$ profit last week, it's not much, but I've made some changes to my game (started to play according to the shc again, it should keep me from getting into too many marginal situations.)

      @ phantommm92, I'd like to keep this blog to myself, but why don't you just start your own blog, I'll be happy to read it and help you anyway I can there, if you think you have any advice for me, please do the same.

      So, here we go. I think that I can squeeze in about 20 hours of play this week, so let's see where that'll take me.
    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      I just hit 60$ so I'm now upgrading to the next level: 0.10-0.20.

      Also, I found a long term goal for myself. By June 2012 'd like to be a winning regular at 2-4 FL (wether this should br FR or SH I don't know, probably SH)
    • lennert9
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 278
      Okay, due to schoolwork, I'm not being able to put in any significant volume right now, so I'm not making any progress in my fl game

      After last post 0.10-0.20 treated me quite badly: I fell back to 48$. That was the point where schoolwork came in the way, so I started playing MTT's. (1 at a time, so I can study when I'm not in a hand.)

      It was clear that I was beating the game, making the money less or more 1 out of three times. Then yesterday night I started a 1.10 tournament at 01.00 AM and look here :

      PokerStars Tournament #342010842, No Limit Hold'em
      Buy-In: $1.00/$0.10 USD
      4383 players
      Total Prize Pool: $4383.00 USD
      Tournament started 2010/11/30 19:00:00 ET

      Dear lennert9,

      You finished the tournament in 5th place. A USD 186.27 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

      the tournament took about 7 hours before I busted

      my bankroll is now at 245.40$
    • cojonel
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 1,039
      congrat!i like the way this blog is going!keep updating! Going to play fl.50?gl