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      Hi all pokerstrategy.com users. Im new in internet poker i just played poker first time with friends and also few times in casino Olympic-Woodoo Latvia then i readed that in internet is much biggest prize polls then in Latvia so i would like to enjoy now a internet poker :) I readed a books like Ace On The River, Harrington Vol - 1,2,3. Also many heads up articles and forums where was materials and watching many videos for poker education and i like internet stuff its very comfortable and fast & with good quality :) I passed the quiz with first time that all info was in books,articles,videos nice stuff here many educational materials just towant get better status to read most better articles & videos. Now im waiting for my starting capital in my first room Full Tilt Poker. I will write a blogs for my results of Full Tilt Poker maybe u will be praud of me and i will be praud myself. In my opinion poker is very educational game and need ta big pashion and big calcutalion and logical brain:) Thank for chance to have a nice start in internet poker. Im gald to enjoy here.
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