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    • andreimgs
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      Hi there,

      Can somebody with more experience then me please take a look a this stats from HEM (Reports/Pluggine Leaks 01 Overall) and tell me wich are the biggest mistakes that I do.

      I see that I don't 3 bet/4 bet enough, I call 3 bet to much... It is correct?

      Level I Play 6 MAX NL10

      Total No of Hands 40541
      bb/100 6.39
      V$PIP 19.6
      PFR 15.2
      Aggression 2.64
      Aggression % 31
      WTSD 27.5
      W$SD 51.5
      WWSF 42
      3bet % 3
      4bet Range % 0.9
      Called 3bet% 38.5
      Flop vs. Raise Fold pct 39.9
      Flop Cbet% 62.1
      Turn Cbet % 54.7
      Fold to Flop CBet% 61.9
      Fold to Turn CBet% 36.5

      Thank You !
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    • OnkelHotte
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      Hey andreimgs,

      I hope you are ok that I moved this thread. This forum is about software, usage and features,

      however your questions is a strategy question rather than a software question.

      So I moved the thread to the strategy forums. Serval coaches are posting there and I am confident that someone will analyse your stars there soon.

      Best regards,
    • andreimgs
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      Hello OnkelHotte,

      Thank you. I hope someone will take a look at this stats.