Connection to database server lost

    • gyssla
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      Vista, postgresql 8.3. Followed all the possible guidelines and managed to remove "failed to establish to 127..." however new problem arised. After I complete installing elephant, I tick to install postgresql, and here's what I get:


      Connection to database server lost!

      Further Informations:

      Unable to read data from transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host."

      Start service is working. During the postgresql instalation, at the end of it , it came a small table with smth like " cannot establish connection to the database" after you press yes it says "do you really indicated good 5432 port"? you click yes, and the instalation continues

      Any ideas?
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    • mrk1988
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      Hey gyssla,

      seems like postgreSQL wasn't uninstalled correctly in the first place.

      Please uninstall it again and make sure you delete all folers/files which are not removed by the uninstaller.