In search of the double gutshot straight

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      I had read about double gutshot draws, but I don't think I have ever seen one "for real".

      So today, I made a chart of all of the opening hands that could give double gutshots, and what the flop would look like.

      Until now, I had not played offsuit connectors much, and I had always thrown away one-gappers, and never even looked at two-gappers (or more).

      But armed with my chart, I logged into a $NL FTP shallow stack table ($0.01/$0.02 blinds) and limped in with every offsuit or suited connector as they came along. Early, middle or late, it did not matter, I just wanted to see a double gutshot draw flopped.

      The strangest thing happened. I would flop trips, two pairs, OESDs, flush draws and all manner of made hands, and I bet 'em hard, and people were folding all over the place. I just have looked like a maniac! The beauty of it is that since I was playing "trash", most flops that were useless to any "normal" player were hitting my hands.

      Still haven't seen a double gutshot, but sure had fun trying. I don't know if I could play like that all the time, but it sure was fun.

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