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Lennonac Is selling 45 man action!! Second set booked up

    • lennonac
      Joined: 02.05.2009 Posts: 1,421
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hello backers!

      My name is Lennonac or Quadfarther aka James. I have been around this forum for a while helping new players, not helping new players and making a few really good friends.
      I have been playing poker for about 3 years and I started to take it seriously last year and quickly turned pro.
      I play mostly 45 man sngs and volume is my game :) A few months ago I had a family issue and I had to take out all of my roll, since then I have not been able to build my roll while taking living expenses. The best way I can see to progress forward is to get backed for games that I have a record with and I am very comfortable playing.

      I am selling action on 1,800 45 man sngs over 6 days, this will range from $1 to $6 games.
      Although if I get enough backing I don't think there will be many $1 games played it will mostly be the $3's and $6's
      I always split over stakes as I preform best with 35 tables running. A note on this I do have backup Internet to prevent any loss of internet connection.

      The profit split will be 50/50
      Before starting I will require backing of 200 buyins

      $220 to play $1.10 45 mans
      $650 to play $3.25 45 mans
      $1300 to play $6.50 45 mans

      I have decided to do it this way rather than buy a piece of each sng to increase the return to the backer at a slight increase in risk.


      I get enough backing for the $3.25 games
      You have backed me 25% of the required roll
      $650*0.25 = $162.50
      I run at my average of 14% ROI, Total profit $819
      $819 - my 50% = $409.50
      $409.50*0.25(your 25% cut) = $102.38 + your retuned stake of $162.50
      That's a return of 63% in 6 days

      In the event of a loss the total bank that is left will then be divided up into your share and returned

      So in the above example you back for 25% if the loss is $100 then you loss will be $25.

      I hope that all makes sense, If not please let me know!

      Further information:

      Bonuses and rakeback are NOT included in the deal.

      All transfers MUST be made on PokerStars. I cannot accept any other poker-room transfers.

      All games will be cross-checked with both sharkscope and my HEM database

      You may reserve action by replying in this thread with the amount you wish to purchase.
      Please then send me a private message to receive further information.


      Players that know me well are Tim64 and Lessonthree
      I have also done past transactions with Lessonthree

      Here are my previous results the the stakes that will be played:

      I am aiming to complete within 6 days and to start either Sunday 31st of October or Monday 1st of November
      The backers money will be returned via player transfer after 1800 games have been completed

      Please ask any questions in this thread and I will reply asap.
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