"Focus on the EV, not the money, in Spins"

Find out why you should play with SpinLegends from one of their big success stories - Ignacio 'Ignaciomol' Molina.

SpinLegends Ignacio Molina
Ignacio 'Ignaciomol' Molina.

PokerStrategy.com: How did you get started in poker?

Ignaciomol: I actually became interested in poker thanks to my big brother and we started together around two years ago. I was not playing a lot at the beginning, since I was still at school, so I kind of played on the side for a while. Then, a friend of mine started working as a dealer at the casino in Valencia and that's when I started taking it seriously. I became active on Twitter and started meeting some players who helped me to grow both personally and in the game. We started discussing hands on Skype and talking on whatsapp. In the end they have become really good friends and we share a lot in life and in the game.

PokerStrategy.com: What made you join SpinLegends?

Ignaciomol: I discovered the school thanks to a friend who was there. I was playing spins already, but not exclusively; so he showed me the project, introduced me to Álvaro Romero and I did not have to think much more before I applied, I saw a great opportunity to learn the game type I considered the most profitable.

Its funny, at the beginning I thought spins were a scam. Last August I started playing the 20s, it went quite well and when I got to 2,000 games a 7% evROI in September. Then they told me to climb levels, so I started playing 50s.

PokerStrategy.com: So what do you think of SpinLegends?

Ignaciomol: I'm super happy with the school. What I liked the most at the beginning was that they had scheduled five one hour weekly classes. To be honest, I thought they were not going to do all that since it's a lot of hours for the coaches. However, so far it has been that way. Almost every day we have live classes or recorded ones and thanks to that I'm learning a lot. Truth be told, there's a lot of material and I still have to check a lot of it.

PokerStrategy.com: We see you have a very active twitter account about your progress and goals. What are your goals for 2017?

Ignaciomol: I would like to play way more online. Until now, I was traveling a lot in order to play live and that meant not having much time to grind online. I would like to play at least 3,000 games per month but, oh well, my will is not that strong and I'm guessing that I will still invest a lot of time in the live events.

And off-poker, my friends know I've gained some extra weight lately, so my goal this year is to become fit. So, let's do this!

"Focus on the Ev"

Ignacio Molina SPF
Also crushing the live scene.

PokerStrategy.com: So you are still a live regular then?

Ignaciomol: Yes, and quite a lot, as much as I can as long as the dates are good and its a cool festival. Mainly I like it because I get to see my mates, people I have met in this game and whom I only get to see in these kind of events. I wouldn't do it if I had to go on my own.

As for my results, last year went really good in general. I started the year getting to the final table in the CNP Valencia and ending up 4th, I also got a 5th place in the CNP Málaga, and those tournaments gave me the 2nd position in the general classification of the circuit which means that this year I am part of CNP TeamPro and I will play sponsored at every stop, which is really cool. Outside of Spain I got the 4th position in the CNP Varna and my first important tournament during the SPF, a festival organized by Spanish players in Rozvadov (Prague), where I won a €100 buy-in side event and I survived a field of 450 players to get my first trophy.

PokerStrategy.com: Do you have any good tips for those who are starting out in Spins?

Ignaciomol: Well, a good tip, especially for those players who start from the very beginning is not to focus in their winnings and to focus instead on their EV. It's something funny, but not long ago, I would tilt when losing money, now I tilt when losing EV; a clear example was some weeks ago in a 100 spins session where I ended up -€200 of EV but I won €900. I went to bed on tilt, badly... even though it was one of my best sessions in terms of winnings. But for me, long term, the important thing is the EV, so now we have to work in our game and the winnings will come... but hey, if I won €500k I wouldn't tilt because of that ;)

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