"I reached the $30 Spins in one burst" – Grossmaister

We talk to a member about how he climbed the Spins stakes, his medical internship and the joys of metal detecting.

PokerStrategy.com: Hi, Bogdan! Thanks for finding time to chat with us. Please tell us about yourself.

Grossmaister: Hi, everybody! I'm 23 and I live in Lviv, Ukraine. Last year I graduated from the Lviv's National Medical University, and now it's my first year as an intern. I am studying to be a surgeon.

Grossmaister near the amphitheatre ruins in Albania
Grossmaister near the amphitheatre ruins in Albania

PokerStrategy.com: How did you learn about poker and when did you start playing online?

Grossmaister: I started playing in 2012, during my first year at the University. My friend told me about poker. I registered at PokerStrategy, got my free poker money and started playing at Poker770. I played cash games using BSS at the micros and, of course, lost all my initial bankroll. I think, almost everyone started like that.

PokerStrategy.com: What did you play after that and what were your achievements before moving on to Spins?

Grossmaister: For a long time, I had been mixing MTTs and micro cash games with variable success. I can't say I 'specialised' in anything, I was more like a 'regular fish'. I had some good results at the NL30 SNAP tables and also a few MTT cashes ranging from $200 to $600. But, overall, I was nearly beakeven. I went into Spin & Go's accidentally. I was just curious to try and see what it was all about. The start was good, mostly thanks to a very soft field back then: at the $3 limit, I had ChipEV=80, and ChipEV=53 at the $7's.

PokerStrategy.com: Why did you join SpinLegends?

Grossmaister: I read an article about SpinLegends at PokerStrategy and decided to try – maybe I would get lucky? Honestly, I was surprised when they approved my application. As it turned out, this decision was very important and life-changing in a way.

График Grossmaister на лимите $30
Grossmaister's graph at the $30's

PokerStrategy.com: What limit did you start at for SpinLegends and where are you now?

Grossmaister: I started at the $7 limit. Now I play the $30's. I'll probably move to the $60's soon.

PokerStrategy.com: How was your journey to the $30's? How fast did you go through the $7 and $15 limits?

Grossmaister: Honestly, it felt like I reached the $30's in one burst. The $7's and $15's we really easy. I've already had a solid base and all it took was to show me the direction. SpinLegends and their coaches did exactly that.

PokerStrategy.com: What are your current results at the $30's and how comfortable do you feel there?

Grossmaister: I have ChipEV=53 for 2,500 tournaments. Not the best result but, considering my breakthrough from the $7 limit to the $30's, it's not bad. I feel rather comfortable at the $30's.

PokerStrategy.com: Soon after you had moved up to the $30's you also won an х120 Spin. What were you feeling back then? You've never played for such prize pools before, have you?

Grossmaister: I was a bit nervous, but within reason. I managed to calm down and just played it through. There were many coolers in that tourney but, in the end, fortune was on my side. This is my first 4-digit prize ever.

PokerStrategy.com: What forms of learning in the project were most effective for you and what was the most useful thing SpinLegends gave you?

Grossmaister: I'm not sure... All forms of learning are useful and important. Practice and theory are tied together really close. Everything is useful – live coachings, hand analysis, software (Equilab, SimplePostflop, CREV)...

Grossmaister in Belgrad
Grossmaister in Belgrad

PokerStrategy.com: Poker aside, you have a very hard and respectful profession. How do you combine surgery, constant work on your game and the actual poker grind?

Grossmaister: First half of my day is for medical studies: I assist during surgeries, study, examine patients. Second half of the day, after work, is for one of my hobbies (poker is still a hobby for me, though it brings joy and money). Sometimes hospital work takes more time. Let's see how it goes... For now, medicine comes first.

PokerStrategy.com: Do you you have any interesting stories from your medical practice?

Grossmaister: As I said, it's only my first year as an intern (5 months in), so I don't have that much experience and nothing extraordinary has happened. It's all ahead. I'll probably share something in my future interviews.

PokerStrategy.com: As far as we know, you also have another, more unusual hobby... Could you tell us about it?

Grossmaister: Yes, I'm also into searching with metal detector. I got into it by accident as well when one of my relatives brought me a 1960s mine detector set. There's something similar with poker and Spins: the thrill of the hunt, a jackpot you can find if you're lucky enough. Besides, it involves walking through fields and forests, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sights. I've been digging for five years now. I found things from Ancient Rus, Middle Ages and other cultures… If there are other enthusiasts like me out there, add me as a friend.

Grossmaister searching for gold on the Adriatic coast
Grossmaister searching for gold on the Adriatic coast

PokerStrategy.com: What are your future plans in poker and in medicine?

Grossmaister: In poker, I want to be a solid regular at the $100 limit. In medicine I want to be a qualified surgeon and help people.

PokerStrategy.com: Thank you for the conversation, Bogdan! We wish you good luck and your dreams to come true! Do you want to give regards to anyone?

Grossmaister: Thank you as well. I'd like to thank my friend Igor without whom I'd never become a poker player, and also the staff of the 3rd surgical department of Lviv's Regional Hospital which is the place of my internship.

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