7 reasons why aggressive play pays

Stiff as a poker and totally paralysed by the pain...

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It is the only guaranteed way to get value

Aggression makes the pot bigger, and that is precisely what you want when you have a strong hand. Only by betting and raising can you guarantee that you'll extract some decent value.

It is the only way to take pots without a hand

Let’s face it: strong hands are rare. To win in poker, one has to take down pots without them. And aggression is the only way to do it.

The one who does the betting takes the pot

That’s an old poker saying. Sometimes no one has a playable hand and in such case the player who simply bets first takes the pot. Be that player!

It doesn’t let your opponent win his fair share of the pot

Situations when somebody mathematically is an absolute (95%+) favourite to win are rare in poker. In most cases your opponent will have outs against your hand. Don’t let him get one of them on the next street!

Sometimes it is the most profitable way to play draws

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Strong draws will quite often get you the pot. It will happen even more often if your opponent simply folds from time to time. Give him this chance!

It forces your opponents to make mistakes

Truth is that when a player faces a decision over whether to call, fold or raise, he is more likely to make a mistake and lose money than when he chooses just between checking and betting himself.

It makes you a tougher player

Ever noticed how much harder it is to play against the player who constantly bets and raises rather than the player who prefers checking and calling? Be the tough player at the table and your opponents will be less likely to pick battles with you.
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Comments (9)

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  • zilltine


    Hi 2009, welcome back, i missed you
  • WillyD


    Nice one #1 hhahahhahahah


    id doesnt work at microstakes, no one folds to 'aggression' on teh contrary, it makes them call lighter
  • GrrrRistic


    @CRI4BRA i agree more than u imagine :) (:/)
  • lotek315


    aggression is good but wise one!
  • maythany


    selective aggression is best IMO
  • amater0001


    Sometimes it's better to let people bluff into you. Bet-check-call line IP at micros with mediocre hands likes TPTK of often much better than bet-bet-bet. Most of the people are not so dumb anymore (I guess they were a few years ago?) to call 3 times or overplay TP + no draws.
  • AtrociousNightmare


    Simple and true.
    Now don't become a maniac tho, there's a big difference between wise aggression and stupid spew.
  • svonja


    7 reasons why aggressive play pays, only 7? just aggresion on poker, that is the answer