A new course on early stage SNG strategy from Unam starts tonight at 22:00 CET

Silver+ members are invited to 'Ditch the Chart' tonight with Unam in a new course that will make your early stage SNG game more dynamic and less ABC.

Game type: SNG
Coach: AdminUnam
Status: Silver Silver+
Time: May 12, 22:00 CET
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Today we announce a new four-week course with one of our expert coaches in the Poker School. Many of our regular live coaching sessions will focus on specialised topics over a number of weeks, for a much more tailored and detailed approach to learning. 

Starting tonight our SNG expert AdminUnam will be hosting a weekly Silver Silver+ SNG course focussed on your early game.

SNG strategy is so heavily focussed on the bubble and late stage play, that many regulars adopt an ABC approach to the early game. 'Ditch the Chart' will make your early stage game more profitable. 

Ditch the Chart

• May 12 (Silver+): Is tight always right? Different early game approaches to SNGS. 

• May 19 (Gold+): Adjusting your preflop game depending on your opponents. 

• May 26 (Gold+): Finding extra value in the early stages of SNGs. 

• June 2 (Gold+): How to use our new found knowledge in MTTSNGs and other formats. 

To learn more and to ask questions, check out Unam's coaching thread

Don't worry if you miss a week as we will be recording each session and it will be available a few days later in our video section. 

View the coaching in our new Silver player

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