A new course on profiling opponents from Bogdan starts tonight at 20:00 CET

Silver+ members are invited to partake in a six week course aimed at providing a solid basis for profiling opponents - if you know the enemy and yourself, you need not fear the result of 100 battles!

Game type: No Limit Hold'em
Coach: AdminBogdan
Status: SilverSilver+
Time: Every Sunday at 20:00 CET
 Open coaching chat now

IMPORTANT: Click the link above to chat with Bogdan during the coaching via our coaching player.

Today we announce a new six-week course with one of our expert coaches in the Poker School. Many of our regular live coaching sessions will focus on specialised topics over a number of weeks, for a much more tailored and detailed approach to learning. 

Starting tonight, our No Limit expert AdminBogdan will be hosting a weekly course focussed on identifying, profiling and exploiting different types of opponents at the tables.

If you're struggling to move up through the micros and find yourself switching to auto-pilot during sessions, remember that the way you play every hand should always be dependant on your opponent(s). So to play at your best, learning how to profile your rivals correctly is imperative!

Identify and exploit your opponent's weaknesses

• May 18 (Silver+): Playing vs NITs

• May 25 (Silver+): Playing vs TAGs

June 01 (Silver+): Playing vs LAGs

• June 08 (Silver+): Playing vs Maniacs

• June 15 (Silver+): Playing vs Calling Stations

• June 22 (Silver+): End of course examination

Don't worry if you miss a week as we will be recording each session and it will be available a few days later in our video section. 

View the coaching in our new silver player

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