Are you losing money with Pocket Nines?

In his new Gold video James 'Splitsuit' Sweeney tackles how to play a pair of nines, and common mistakes you may be making with them.

Game type: No Limit
Producers: AdminSplitSuit
Status: GoldGold+
Length: 29 minutes

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Once again we have a very detailed analysis of a single starting hand in No Limit Hold'em. 

In his latest video AdminSplitSuit tackles pocket nines, which is a tricky hand to play as it is a very strong starting hand, yet almost always faces scare cards on the flop.  

How do you play 99?

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Comments (3)

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  • KTU


    I like the news icon!
  • nsavov


    Are Pocket Nines the new Pocket Jacks?
  • metalmonkey80


    Done ok with nines. but i am sure this can change!