Can cold calling 4-bets be profitable?

Learn when reraising or folding are not the best answer and actually flatting a 4-bet preflop can be profitable in 2018. coach asimos

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Today asimos is back with a new video on how to play one of the toughest spots in No Limit Hold'em. 

Traditional poker wisdom tends to suggest that if somebody 4-bets after we 3-bet, we should either reraise or fold, because the pot has grown to such a big size already, there is no more room for anything else. 

Today our coach discusses when it is OK to flat call a 4-bet out of position. So we have a huge pot and we have to act first on the flop - a very tricky spot indeed. 

Of course you will also learn, by default, when it's right to reraise or fold in this video too. 

If you didn't know already asimos is a midstakes crusher and an experienced coach and if you want to learn more you can visit his blog, which is one of the most popular cash game blogs in our community forum. 

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