Can you exchange blows like OtB_RedBaron?

In this hand, OtB_RedBaron is confronted with a tricky decision on the turn. Would you know what to do?

Jonas OtB_RedBaron Mols
Jonas 'OtB_RedBaron' Mols, the Belgian boss enemy

Once again the protagonist of our latest high stakes hand review is Belgian pro OtB_RedBaron, proving that he's one of the most active players on the nose bleeds.

So let's have a closer look at the players we don't know that well yet. In comparison to the involved players in our last high stakes hand, there's much less to talk about this time.

We're facing an unknown today with cis_san9984, but it's unlikely that he's a recreational player. If that were the case, the table would have filled up very quickly. In contrast, 0Human0 is a known regular competing on the highest limits for years. We should note though that there are some controversial opinions on his play style and capabilities.

In for a wild rideRRRR

Since we should know Hero well enough by now, we're starting with the hand in question right off the bat, taking a closer look at OtB's preflop play first:

high roller analysis OtB_RedBaron
Which conclusions can we draw from this action?

The first thing catching the eye is the large 3-bet, five times the initial raise that OtB chose as the Big Blind. The reason is that players usually have a much more polarised range in the big blind, in comparison to the small blind. It should be noted though, while still being a factor, this tendency has been diminishing in recent years.

Apart from the polarised range, another reason for the large raise size is that we're closing the action in the big blind and can't be surprised by a cold 4-bet. In contrast, the Small Blind would always have to worry about this possibility.

Not a bad spot for tens

cool cat

Armed with , Hero decides to just check the flop first-in. It's not really a great flop for the preflop aggressor, still decent though considering we're in a 3-bet spot.

Since OtB will surely want to have a check/calling range in this spot as well, instead of just playing check/fold or betting, his hand is very well-suited for this particular line. The opponent is still going to bet a range which we're way ahead against with pocket tens.

Confronted with an expensive turn

nl5k high stakes analysis

After playing check/call on the flop, we're confronted with a very tough decision on the next street. After another out of position check by Hero, the opponent decides to put everything into the middle for a bit more than pot-size.

Obviously, the question now is how to outmaneuver this aggressive play in the first place. In hindsight, we could have bet 2/3 of the pot first-in in order to call a push by Villain. This way we would have denied any draws in his range a free river, e.g. hands like 45s, 89s, 55 or 88 and possible flush draws.

The way it was actually played, the first option we have is to check/fold. The question really is whether we're already behind here or not. When trying to answer that we have to consider Villain choosing such an aggressive overpush, obviously shrinking down the width of his range.

The other option would be a check/call. We should consider this line when we're convinced that the opponent's range is not strong enough, enabling us to still call with our tens on this Jack-high board.

Follow-up on the first high stakes review

poker spot river

The first hand we've discussed in our latest batch of high stakes reviews confronted us with a tough spot on the river. Our options were to play check/fold, bet/fold or go all-in.

The most popular decision amongst the almost 1,000 PokerStrategists who voted in our poll was check/folding. That's not an unusual line taking into account the board in question since it's very well possible that the opponent wouldn't have a folding range anymore in such a spot.

Our Hero OtB_RedBaron chose an all-in, though, which was the second most popular option in our poll. This option can be considered the correct one since OtB is balancing his value range with such a line, enabling him to play his value hands just like he played Ace-high. Of course, we still don't know how many bluffs like that are actually part of OtB's range or if his opponent really has no folding range anymore.

In the end, the opponent had and of course called OtB's all-in bluff with that pocketing a nice juicy pot.

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Last week's results

Last week we asked you if there was any value in betting the Turn. All communities agreed to value bet by majority of 714 votes, ranging from 58% in Spanish community to "predatory" 77% in Poland.

Consequently, the other two options didn't receive that much attention. Checking the Turn became the second best option for most of our communities, topping at 26% in the Spanish one. English community, on the other hand, preferred to play bet/fold while Hungarian players gave 13% for both checking and bet/folding.

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