Can you fix this preflop error?

We mess up before the flop at NL50 but do you have a line to fix this error or are we better off cutting our losses?

Back at NL50, we face two limpers while being out of position. Our Hero made an obvious mistake preflop, but can we still salvage something out of the mess he created?

poker handThe preflop isolation raise is totally fine but the sizing is seriously wrong. It's unlikely that our Hero simply didn't notice two limpers before him. Maybe it was a misclick, or maybe he didn't want to inflate the pot out of position thus relying on flop runouts to seal the deal. Anyway, his troubles have just begun...

The player in the BB decides to 3-bet and if not for the CO call, it would be a clear fold for us. Now we have good odds and a passive recreational player still in the hand. Our call closes the trade, so we have to see the flop hoping to hit something.

The flop looks good for us, but we need to consider the preflop aggressor's range first. Considering it's very tight (AK, QQ+) we need to play very cautiously. Our Hero may even have to fold his top pair if BB bets 2/3 of the pot or more. We still can call a smaller bet and re-evaluate the turn but remember not to overplay in such spots however misleading the board may be!

cycling race fail

The aggressor's check on the flop can easily be a 'busted' AK hand which he doesn't want to turn into a bluff against two players, with one of them being particularly 'sticky'. The latter now decides to steal the initiative by betting a bit less than half the pot.

It's hard to put him on a range but the BB aggressor now looks pretty tame, so we can assume we're 'safe' to call, at least. Still, we can't know for sure where the nuts can be hidden. Decisions, decisions...

squirrel goes nuts

This time we won't be waiting for the river card to unfold as the remaining Villain is a bit short on chips. Let's assume the call on the flop was good enough for us. Then what should we do on the Turn? Do we want to stack him by check/raise or donk/3-bet? Should we play it safe and simply bet/fold the Turn? After all, he was passive before and shows aggression now – that means our hand may not be a favourite anymore. And there's also an option for those who'd like to settle things right on the flop. Time to vote!

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Hand of the Week

Last time we were trying to turn our marginal value hand into a bluff, which led to a tough decicion after it had improved. Most of you liked the Hero's line and preferred calling the river bet after checking back on the Turn. While it's totally fine to call the river bet, there was a better option.

No matter what we may find fearsome in our opponent's play, we simply miss value by not betting this Turn. Villain's range consists mostly of overpairs 99+, and there are also some flush draws we may need protection against. Besides, he's unlikely to suspect the 6 being anything else but a blank card. No reason for us to bet too big though, 2/3 of the pot or a bit less should be just fine.

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Comments (2)

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  • ghaleon


    BB range just AK, QQ+? Wow...

    Turn decision is pretty clear check-shove. Pretty hard for 4 to improve our range for raise-calling from SB so no idea why would we suddenly donk bet.
  • tetimiramar


    A clear check-push for me. There is no even room for any doubt