Can you handle river pot bets?

We hit runner runner trips on the river but have we outrun our opponent? Your expert advice is needed!

We're back at NL50 looking for some sweet spots. But as soon as we find one, we face a big problem.

poker hand

Raising 4BB  preflop is not really a mistake but, let's face it, playing like this is so 2001... Our play in late positions should be more balanced. It's better to raise 2-2.5 BB with all your RFI range. A bigger raise just makes your opponents play more carefully; lighter calls and 3-bets are off the table.

homer simpson

The Small Blind calls, and we're heads-up on the flop. Checking back is fine because it's unlikely for us to knock out better hands with a c-bet. Besides, we dominate the hands we still beat, like Ax and Kx with lower kickers.

The turn brings us a top pair, but the Villain suddenly leads with a pot bet. In his eyes, the King should fit our checking range, and yet he plays aggressively. This could mean many things – like previously slowplayed sets, strong semi-bluffs or just overplayed top pairs. Anyway, our Hero decides he doesn't have enough equity for a value raise. He prefers to play WA/WB instead with intention to re-evaluate the situation on the river.

But it only gets harder. The second community King gives us a very strong hand, but our opponent keeps playing relentlessly and fires another pot bet at us. Some spot to re-evaluate, huh? Well, we just need to think about his range and choose one of the three options below. Simple as that, nothing our experts can't handle. Yes, we mean you. Please help our Hero solve this problem.

homer simpson

Do we have a value raise against the Villain? In this case feel free to punish him for overplaying his hands. Calling looks like a consistent play, but maybe we can consider ourselves a losing side and simply fold to avoid wasting money? Anyway, time for you to vote!

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Hand of the Week

Last time we were trying to win a muli-way pot with a weaker triplet. But, as expected, things didn't go that well.

There are too many better hands compared to the hands we beat. Check/calling will cost us more than bet/folding simply because our opponent will be betting more than 1/3 of the pot. The range will also be pretty tight. Usually spots like this combine costly and very costly mistakes. By playing check/fold, we avoid all of them. Yes, that was a trick question since there was no such option in the poll.

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Comments (12)

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  • sahelt19


    easy fold
  • Constantin11


    Seriously, who plays 18/13/2.3 on NL50?! That's too nitty for a fish like me :D
  • Arnalsan


    easy fold? easy call for me!
  • bigdog63


    crying fold.
  • xxnub


    I would call because I am curious fish.
  • koiota1


    Years ago, in the not far past ,I lost my whole poker bank in 2 nights ,the last chunk in a hand simular situation like this ,playing NL5/5 live deep stacks ...I called then .
    Its been 6 years I haven`t played and am just back trying to play MTTs so my cash game is a wee bit behind ATM....but looking at this hand i would snap then ,i would snap now ,i would snap those after 10 years too...cheers
  • AcesAlcantara


    No easy but ... Fold!!!
  • popstani


    I will call,probably I will lose becose there are big probability of trips in vilian hands
  • k0kki3


    I have balls to call
  • CapdeLeu


    I would call this because looking at his stats Hs VPiP 18 and 3bet 2.3 so that means he will play AJ AT KQ KJ QJ so when the king of diamonds hits the turn he has more drawing combos like flush and straight than value hands. also he can have a lower king.We have no diamond in our hand which is great because we don't block the flush draw.My only problem with this is how often will I get paid by a lower King? KQ,KJ, K9 if I decide to push.I'm open to debate.
  • clovenhoofsdoom


    I see 11 handcombinations that will beat us - KT of spades or clubs, and 3x3 set combos - if he at all calls pocket 4s in SB vs 4bb openraise. Given the fact that Villain is usually super valueheavy betting on turn and river, I assume it is a fold. There are less that 1/3 strong busted combo-draws in his range, and we have to be right in 1/3rd of the time for a plus EV move.
  • clovenhoofsdoom


    Ah wait - I missed something: those hands we beat. It's still very close between folding and calling. I don't mind either one - but since Villain bets only 10% of his entire range on the turn I assume we should fold this one.