Can you spot a bluffer? We'll show you how

In today's math-heavy online grinds it's easy to forget how important physical tells from your opponents in live games can be.

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Comments (5)

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  • Sandwich09


    "the staredown".. ok so Mike Mcdonald never has a strong hand then? lol
  • muel294


    @#1 I think this is designed at new live players. Mike macdonald on the other hand is an experienced live and online professional. I think he knows how to mask his hand strength in a live situation ( i.e by acting in the same manner regardless of hand strength). It's like negraneau he's always chatty.... point is be consistent IMO
  • booomm


    Looking at the cards on the flop is definatly NOT a sign that he is srong, it rather means that he missed the flop and trying to see what weak draws/backdoors he might have. this I can confirm
  • NijeVaznoKoSam


    @3: or he forgot what he hold...
  • Brainiac888


    Dwan and mcdonald always hold bluffs? :p