Clashing with the RedBaron at NL10,000

Once again it's time for you to show your expertise at the highest stakes of poker, this time against OtB_RedBaron with blinds of $50/$100.

battle of the bastards
Battling it out at a packed table, no bastards involved though

Today's high stakes review promises to be a good one, considering we're up against quite a packed table at NL10K with action-inducing antes of $20.

The two unfamiliar faces in the game, GiveMeUP and antoha1998, have recently shown up as regulars at the higher limits and are assumed to be from Russia. That's really all we know so far about them. Maahone is also a newcomer and presumably the one this table formed around, with the other players expecting him to be a rather weak recreational player.

To their surprise, however, he actually turned out to be quite a skillful opponent that should be taken seriously. There's a possibility we're seeing a high stakes reg here on a second account, though the chances for that actually being the case are rather slim. Still, even the guys at have taken note, publishing a short article on Mahoone.

Today's Hero for us will be moshmachine, certainly a reg at these limits but not really part of the royalty like RedBaron, leading to him only playing at tables with presumably weaker opponents around.

fish caught
Boat Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Fish

Diving into the action

is not a beauty when it comes to 3-bets and should rather be played more carefully, especially in this case against a massive opponent like OtB_RedBaron.

Since the king can serve as a blocker though, it's still justifiable to include hands like that to a small extent in your 3-betting range. The higher size of the bet is a result of the ante that had to be posted at this table.

high roller review otb
Today's action in detail

Continuing with a weak top pair


We've hit top pair on the flop, unfortunately only with a weak kicker, so we have to be careful not to consider our hand to be stronger than it actually is. After all, we're playing a 3-bet pot without position against one of the toughest opposition imaginable.

If we bet here right away, a call by our opponent should indicate quite a bit of strength to us. Hero however decided to check, getting a check back in return and we're up in a new spot on the turn.

Show strength or throw in the towel?nl high stakes analysis

Unluckily, another spade hits on the turn, not only resulting in a potentially completed flush but also making several one-card flush draws possible. Since we don't have a spade ourselves, our top pair has become even weaker than before, turning this into a spot in which we have to make a final decision about our goal in this hand:

An option would be to finally fire a bet in order to somehow still get the top pair to the river in a reasonable manner. The opponent could certainly still call with a lot of weaker hands, resulting in a profitable bet.

Check/call is an option as well to avoid running into a raise after betting ourselves.

Lastly, we could decide to check/fold right away since our preflop 3-bet wasn't the smartest move anyway, leading to us being quite the underdog against a strong opposing range in this spot.

Our solution for the last high stakes hand

high stakes solution

Our Hero jinmay decided to go down a rather weird route by continuing the hand in question with a bet of roughly 1/6 pot-size but almost no money behind. He probably intended that to be a block bet since he definitely can't play check/call with his hand anymore.

Almost half of our voters were in favour of an all-in though, an understandable choice given the rest of the stack. Still, we really don't have any fold equity in that spot and our hand is way too weak, leading to check/fold actually being the more optimal line.

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