Collin talks tells wth Zach Elwood

Learn to spot signs of strength and weakness, as well as online tells, with poker author Zach Elwood.

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Collin Moshman & Zach Elwood




February 20, 21:00 CET

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Collin Moshman hosts a weekly SNG & MTT live stream for us for free on Twitch and tonight he has something special lined up. 

This week his guest is is author and tells expert Zach Elwood, who has written three books on poker tells as well as hosting video courses on the subject. 

Poker tells is something a lot of players don't even think about but it's a great area to create an edge in live poker. Tonight the two will discuss:

  • His books and courses
  • Coaching two November Niners 
  • Online tells
  • Common signs of strength and weakness
  • Verbal statements
  • His podcast "People Who Read People"

Even if you are not a big live player this should be a fascinating insight into human psychology. 

Find out more and ask questions visit Collin's coaching blog.

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  • JimmkCZ


    Vysílající uživatel uvedl, že kanál je určen pro dospělé publikum.
  • Lazza61


    All poker related twitch content is for adult (18+) viewers.