Combo draw turns Trips - why do we check it back?

It's nice to have a draw in position, especially with some showdown value attached to it. But, as always, the poker gods play a trick on us.

Back at NL50, we make a standard call with our speculative hand on the Button hoping to hit something and play with the MP Villain in position. Good plan overall but let's see what it leads to...

poker handAs was already mentioned, the Preflop play is rather standard. There's also an option to 3-bet, but we should know how loose our opponent opens from MP, his frequency of folding to 3-bet, and also his 4-bet stats. While we usually want to play such connectors in multi-way pots with weaker players, calling against a regular is also OK as long as we're in position. Besides, players on the blinds get good odds to call with lots of hands.

We didn't get any action from the Blinds though, and now we're playing heads-up with a middle pair + gutshot on our hands. Our Hero decides to play this flop aggressively based on the Villain's "fold to c-bet raise" stats (5 out of 5 spots). But to do this successfully, we need to know if he has a bluffing c-bet range on such boards.

Still, we need to balance our raises with strong hands (two pairs or better). If our opponent calls, we may get an option to check behind on the Turn. Although we must remember that we'll have to throw away our holding when we get a 3-bet on the Flop. We're not ready to play for stacks just yet, it's too big a commitment.

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The Turn card makes our showdown value great again. We may even say it's a perfect out for our Hero. Our straight outs would make the board too scary for extracting value from our opponent's range. But something makes our Hero check on this Turn. We may try to avoid a big decision because the Villain's call on the Flop may mean a big value hand. In that case, trying to see a cheap showdown is still an option. On the other hand, we could represent a failed bluff and try to trap our opponent if a good River card arrives.

But, as it often happens with our big plans, the River card doesn't look right. Oh, it's only a backdoor flush, no need to sweat too much because of it. Maybe we even have a value raise here. Our hand looks too good to fold in this spot. There's no room for a fail here, is it? Well, the board still looks a bit wet though...

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So now it's time to discuss some educational aspects of the hand in question. First, you need to decide if our Hero played well before the River. Considering we handled the situation well, should we just call the River or try to extract more value by raising? What about some alternative history? Do we have a value bet on the Turn? Anyway, time to vote! And don't forget to share in the comments section below. Just a couple of extra questions for discussion: Would you play the Flop differently? Can we still find a fold on this River?

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Hand of the Week

Last time we were trying to finish our Broadway play with a nut flush. While bet/fold is a correct play, it didn't get too many votes across our communities, with the top score at 51%. Checking and sometimes even playing for stacks also got a decent number of votes.

So let us explaing the reason why playing bet/fold is the best option in this spot. Our Hero is a big favourite against the Villain's range. But the big question is how we can get some value from the weaker part (KTs+, QTs-Q9s, J8s, T8s+, 98s, KJo+, QTo) and not pay too much to the stronger part (JT, 99, J9, QJ). By betting small we reduce fold equity for the weaker part of the Villain's range and don't make ourselves committed to the pot in case he has improved his holding.

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Comments (1)

  • mlatasrb


    Flop raise or call are both fine, i prefer raise IP, call OOP.
    Turn is very fishy check back, there is a lot of value on the turn unless there is a clear read that villain folds overpairs (ímpossible to have such read with 1700 hands). On river there is no way hero has a value raise it would be big overplay unless we have a read that he bet/calls mid pairs