Decide the stakes our coach plays on Twitch tonight!

Anything goes in this new series where you can get our coach to play your regular games and stakes live on Twitch.

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December 29, 20:00 CEST

Join the Webinar

LemOn36 is back with three weeks of live stream action to see out the year, and in fitting tribute to the members, it's all about you!

That's because in Member's Choice our coach will be playing two tables of whatever you want. You call it out on the Twitch Chat and he will play it, so if you want to see our coach tackle your current stakes, this is your shot.

The series schedule looks like this:

  • December 15: NL2-NL16 - you pick the stakes
  • December 22: NL2-NL16 - you pick the stakes
  • December 29: Anything goes! - Spins, PLO, Badugi - the more obscure the better

Tonight's final webinar really is anything goes - you can pick the format no matter how obscure, PLO Spins? Badugi tournament? HORSE cash games? It's a deal!

This is set to be a fun one and you can join in via the Twitch chat. Visit LemOn36's coaching thread to find out more. 

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Comments (12)

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  • nsavov


    nosebleeds please
  • CucumbaMan


    Go NL5 or NL10.
  • imgoingtomirage


    You can post your suggestions during stream :)
  • LemOn36


    Yes CucumbaMan!
    I was ill last week, but this time we'll go all out in last serious session!

    This week we will first have sum fun Christmas GIFs and will look at how to move up through the stakes

    And then you will decide live what stakes we play either on chat
    Or through calling the Wheel Of Stakes to randomly decide for you
  • JimmkCZ


    Tonight's webinar didnt worked in czech, so I am not happy...
  • LemOn36


    You mean that it was in English? Or that it didn't work in our country? :)
    The first one, yes - English will be our main language
    Even in our crazy finale tonight
  • pceetje


    500$ Spins please :)
  • 13vlad6


    NL16 ? :D
  • CucumbaMan


    Wohooo, looking forward to this one! GL coach!
  • Kyyberi


    PLO spin&go’s!!!!!!!!
  • LemOn36


    Except today I'm hardly a coach :D
    I need you guys to come to the chat and coach me :D
  • LemOn36


    Looks like no Spins in Czech Republic guys