Deliver knockouts like a Bounty Beast!

In collaboration with bencb, w3cray has put together a strategy package for bounty tournaments, offering PokerStrategists an exclusive discount!

Some of you might gasp out now "Please, not another bencb news" but at least it's not a SpinLegends piece, eh?

Jokes aside, bencb was not only busy with SCOOP 2018, running a juicy 100k bet on the side, he also found time to work out a new tournament course. And to start things off, PokerStrategists can profit from a discount of $100 with the exclusive code PSBounty when enrolling into the new course.

This time around, the focus will be exclusively on bounty/knockout tournaments which are getting more and more popular each day, making them a large part of each room's regular tournament schedule.

Still, most players don't tend to realise that bounty tournaments are quite a bit more complex than their standard brethren, often times only guessing the right approach to the very specific structure instead of really knowing what to do.

The craft of Knockout Poker

Knockout Package

But how tough are the strategies and concepts around knockout tourneys? Well, essentially it would take a math genius to figure them out. So, that's what bencb did, recruiting his trusted math geek and theoretical physicist "w3cray" to get to work and dive into the craft of Knockout Poker.

Months were spent locked away running simulations and exploring the true math behind this fast growing form of poker tournaments—and astoundingly even high stakes regulars are making major mistakes in them!

To get rid of these leaks, the new course was set up on three basic pillars:

poker theorie

Theoretical concepts

As usual, theory is the foundation of everything, enabling you to identify the most profitable line in each spot. Understanding these theoretical concepts is a must for everyone looking to master Knockout Poker. A wide range of sample hands will make it easier for you to really get the gist of the unique theoretical approach.

Poker Mathematik

Mathematical tools

The guys at Raise Your Edge have come up with an exclusive tool for bounty tournaments, helping you to precisely determine the profitability of any given scenario. This way, you will be able to develop a much better understanding of whether the profitability of a spot is changing due to the extra value of a bounty or not.

Poker Praxis


Understanding the theoretical concepts is only half of what's necessary. You also need to be able to apply them in the heat of the battle at the knockout tables. And with the help of videos, live-plays, and hand analyses, bencb and w3cray will help you to do just that!

Become a Bounty Beast today

Some cold hard facts

Poker PKO bounties

Just like bencb's Tournament Masterclass, the best part of this new course is that it's constantly being worked on and just at its beginning.

With new knowledge being added, the price of the knockout strategy package is surely going to rise in the future. If you jump in early now, you won't have to deal with a possible price increase, while still profiting from any future updates since they are all included.

Here's what you will get already today:

  • More than 9 hours content packed videos by bencb & w3cray
  • 7 bounty equity calculation tools
  • Cutting edge bounty applications
  • VIP Discord channel access

Just remember to use our exclusive code PSBounty when enrolling into the new course to profit from an additional discount of $100.

Get your Bounty Beast discount

More info on the coach of the class - w3cray

coach w3cray bencb

I’m "w3cray". I work as a theoretical physicist and am currently working on my PhD. I’m the type of person who wants to know how things really work; nothing is taken as granted or given. I will research, test and double confirm everything until I understand how things operate and correlate.


My poker journey began in 2005, but I only started to take the game seriously in 2014. I focused a lot on concepts like shortstack, ICM and GTO play. This allowed me to compete in the mid and high stakes that I continue to play today. I accelerated my growth through having a great circle of poker players to discuss strategies, including bencb. I hope this class helps you to achieve your poker dreams!


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