Do you know when to barrel the turn?

Get ready for a master class on the toughest street in Hold'em, with our new course Turnover Tactics. coach W34z3l

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Today w34z3l is back with another innovative series that will vastly improve your game.

Without doubt the Turn is the toughest street to play in No Limit. It's harder to be aggressive and face aggression, and good Turn play is often the difference between the weak regulars and those who crush. 

Turnover Tactics is a new series aimed at getting you rock solid on the Turn, and the next four lessons look like this:

  • Basic Barrel Strategy
  • Defending on the Turn
  • Check raising the Turn as the preflop aggressor
  • Semi bluff mechanics on the Turn

We begin with perhaps the most common sticking point for many players, when to keep barreling, and when to put the brakes on, after your continuation bet was called. 

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