Euro 2016 teams as poker players

Which famous poker player would be Germany, Portugal, Wales, France or Iceland from this year's competition?

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Comments (8)

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  • NatRPheM


    Iceland one is horrible, they got out of the qualification, convincingly. They beat Netherlands twice, correct? And they are no small nation in football. Football is a TEAM game, there takes skill to be a TEAM and not just individuals, just look at some of these teams that don't have good team play, just individuals. England and Belgium for example, both teams have a load of star players, but both Wales and Iceland won because they were a better TEAM. So what do you define as skill? Individual skill in a obvious team game? Well ok then, if so I think you're lacking some sense.

    Now if you rate skill based on a teams potential, cause of individual skill level, that is something entirely different, but potential does not = skill.
  • TurokRider


    LOL to the Ireland pick !!!

    @1: I thought Chris moneymaker for Iceland was spot on
  • Traxxer


    @NatRPheM: I don't think it meant to be offensive, rather the opposite. When it comes to technique for sure Iceland doesn't have the same skills of England, but they won exactly because they played better as a team. I guess you and the author wrote the same things in a different way. :-)
  • Yoghurt1973


    Iceland won twice from the Netherlands yes, but this was probably the weakest team since the early 80's.

    Belgium missed two key defenders and the played indeed bad game in defence especially. The first goal was a a blunder and the second goal was also not looking good.

    I was never impressed by icelands' defence unlike Portugal who won from Croatia with horrible soccer and also Italy had a good defence. So yes defendig is key and i really really would like to see some big changes so defending would not be rewarded that much!! Soccer is boring enough as it is.
  • NatRPheM


    @3 That could of course be, but it's not that clear cut to see from the words alone.

    Everyone that doesn't want to learn or accept something has excuses for why this and that happened.. only human nature. Without an excuse it means you were plain and simple not as good as you expected yourself to be, or you underestimated your competition. No excuses for either, just lessons.. but people in general don't like lessons cause that means they fucked up to begin with, and when people fuck up, they will try to cover up their fuck up with a bigger one and then the snowball gets rolling.

    Ok their team was the weakest since the 80's .. those that don't learn, will repeat :) Why poker for example is so profitable
  • likalika08


    hahaha i love this game
  • islomi123


    Portugal vs France.Pokerstrategy i find the correct results of this match did you give me a free 50$ and transfer to Mansion Poker?I think the results of this match will be Portugal 0:2 France.


    I find the Irish pick very offensive