Game of Thrones characters playing poker

With the return of the bloodiest show on television, today we decide which classic characters would be sharks or fish.

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Comments (14)

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  • Agiz19


    bloodiest show on tv ???? you probably haven't watched anything......and game of thrones is an overrated bullshit fantasy drama in which nothing great is happening, few minutes of dragons in 5 seasons, 7 boobs and 3 pussies,5 headchops and endless bullshit talking about nothing , one of the worst 60min TV shows ever, nothing ever happening in any season except the ice cold undead walker yells in camera, and a head gets chopped of a stark because of which people even started to watch the series and oooo ups he is dead in 1 ep.....this shows is for nerdy kids to get boners....
  • JimC6


    #1 haters gonna hate
  • KTU


    love this news :)
  • Andreas


    Funny! :) @ #1 Feel free to spam your opinion to HBO, it's probably more useful to them than it's here to us :p ;)
  • Agiz19


    50% of geeks here are getting boners on sideboobs and plain dialogue, thinking how great it is because someone fuled the opinion in their small heads, better to be a mainstream sheep and like stuff other like than have your own perception, same goes for poker, button cliking copy paste play of pokr strategy videos and streams, :facepalm
  • CrazedTulip


    #5 judging by your comments I can certainly understand why you don't appreciate a show with so many plots. oh and that nasty "plain" dialogue haha.
  • randomdonk


    - the mountain's one was cool, the rest.. meh
    - jamie's one made me smile though
    - Agiz sounds like a 12 year old having a tough time going through puberty
  • GrindingNajra


    Beginning about boners says a lot about the person. It did not come into my mind. I was not planning to watch because but i watched all epsisodes in a couple of week in i loved it.. :)

    I'm putting my money on Tyrion.
  • Marta


    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You don't like GoT? It's cool. However offending those who do it like it, is not cool. Let's try to keep some respect in the conversation.

    PS: I realise GoT is a mainstream production. I can't get a boner and "side boobs" don't do anything for me. Nevertheless, I enjoy the show because it's well-crafted, entertaining and lets me disconnect.
  • VitoDeus


    hahah thats very nice! I think we all play poker in real life, in a way or in another! I think the one who knows how too live, sure h will know how to poker! Bluff is life!
  • double2


    I found this entertaining and with good ideas. Just thought of one for Sansa Stark: "Always surprised that she was bluffed".
  • amiina9100


    If this is the creativity from pokerstrategy editors , along with the bad written cartoons, than you can't even beat nl2. Improve yourself, please!!
  • woodmo


    Agiz comments where actually entertaining, thank you!


    Hodor, Hodor!