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Most poker players have terrible work/life balance but it is essential if you want to have a long and enjoyable career. coach

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Today we are back with Mindset Coach whys0serious and a new video on something most poker players do very poorly - work/life balance. 

The nature of poker means you have to work strange hours to play the best games, put in a lot of volume and spend a lot of time in front of a screen. 

This is great for your EV but terrible for your life outside the game and this can lead a lot of players to burnout. Today's video is about fixing all of those issues so you enjoy rest and poker equally. 

In this new video you will discover:

  • Your sub-personalities 
  • The role of rest 
  • How to review different areas of your life
  • Understanding happiness
  • Further reading
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  • anduke


    Too bad that this isn't for lower status, but definitely needed area.
  • pokerboy198229


    Yep having a good mindset is even more important than skills. Because the wrong poker mindset blocks all the skills we have