How should you adjust in a big Spin multiplier?

Should you change your strategy? Should you close all your tables? Should you take a break after? How should a big multiplier change your game?

Jared Tendler

At SpinLegends our philosophy is to make sure our members are good enough to make a profit in Spins even if they never hit a big multiplier. That way when one comes along it's a nice bonus. It's also why we use ChipEV as our core metric to judge success. 

Mental game coach Jared Tendler agrees with this approach too from a mindset perspective. He thinks if you take care of the x2 Spins, the big ones will take care of themselves:

The single best piece of advice I can give is to constantly make it your priority to be focused on performing your best, regardless of the multiplier. It’s another form of variance in the game that you can’t control. Don’t worry about that random big multiplier, focus on always playing your best, that way you will have a much better default game when the big Spin comes around. Get into a routine for excellence, with a good warm-up, cool down, system for correcting mistakes and for learning, so you perform well nearly every day.

"Focus on that one table"

spinlegends Epistokrat

This should make perfect sense to most players who understand the long term in poker. However, practically speaking, the bigger Spins come around so rarely that I asked SpinLegends Head Coach Epistokrat if there was any reason to play them differently when they do happen. For example, based on how most recreational players change their strategy when there is more pressure involved?

There is room to deviate in some situations. For example, if we have an opponent in a x120 who plays a VPIP of less than 50% heads-up. We would try to avoid an all-in situation here, and would be much happier min-raise/folding against him. Maximizing our winrate is our utmost goal when we wake up in a highly profitable situation like this. We would even be willing to give up some +EV spots against him just to utilise more of our edge against the opponent over the course of this very important tournament. This is a lot less important in a x2 game where we can just jump into a similar situation with one mouse click, registering to the next game.

Speaking of those x2 games, assuming we are multi-tabling what should our approach to the smaller buy-in games we have running be if we did hit a x120 multiplier?

We want to maximize the time we spend on making a decision in the higher multipliers. More time spent on a decision means we can take more details into account, ultimately leading to a higher winrate. An extreme example would be hitting a x3600, Mathematically it can make sense to throw all the other tourneys in one pile on one side of the monitor and push all-in every hand, leaving us more time and respectively a higher winrate for the big tourney. Either way, it is important we put more focus on the big multiplier. The more we focus on one table the higher our winrate will be. Our time to think about a spot is cut with every additional table that we play, leading to weaker decisions.

"Assume you'll never hit a big jackpot"

spinlegends Epistokrat
The big Spins happen rarely

We have already heard from Jared Tendler and how he thinks we should approach big Spins, but what does Epistokrat think players should do after a big multiplier? Should they keep playing or would it be too hard to focus (win or lose)?

After a x120 its perfectly fine to take a break, it happens so rarely. If you take a 10 min break after x25 or x10, have a glass of water, walk a little bit, I think that’s fine too. It is a problem if our students need to end their day after a x6. That’s a mental thing every poker player should work on to overcome and should be automatic, and in the long term it should only hurt as much as losing a x2.

Ultimately though our coach echoes Mr Tendler and the SpinLegends ethos of focussing on those x2 games and the rest will take care of themselves:

Unfortunately, professional individual players have to highly discount the value of these big prizes, you may never win one your whole career. Much better to play consistently enough that you make good money regardless of the multipliers.

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  • rompas


    Play same game and look for if some of the players gets more passive then normal, could be alot of free chips to get there is my advise.
  • AnimeWatch


    This is so true!!!
  • wobbletones


    I dont understand spin and go tournaments
  • cms81


    some great advice
  • Zeezout


    Wished to play them regularely, but not enough confidence, iaf.
  • tonypmm


    I do take short breaks after winning a 17x+ at Spin (Max) to prevent euphoria from affecting my play, but not after losing a 10x-35x mult (which I can easily forget during the session as if it never happened) nor after hitting a 6x, of course. I've been surprised to learn that there are those who need a break after a 6x. It's not such a big boost to the BR.
  • tonypmm


    One reason why I like the new mult structure at $3s, with 3x being nearly as frequent as 2x, is that I can focus more on the 3x's that are often up when 3-4 tabling. Likewise, I like the frequencies of Spin Max mults - I can focus on the cyans, greens and purples and ignore the blues to some extent when I have 6-8 tables up.
  • tonypmm


    (Cyans etc. referring to the colour of the table background.)

    I understand, however, that, as a stable, SpinLegends is interested in maximising its students' ROIs to reduce its risk and thus frowns upon 4-tabling; whereas I was coming from the perspective of a 'free agent' (a grinder not in a stable) who maximises the hourly winrate.
  • JimmkCZ


    good advice...Focus on that one table, thanks