How strong is a bottom pair at NL10K?

This edition of our high stakes review will be a tough one to crack. We neither have a strong hand, nor the initiative. Still, anything's possible...

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New faces all over the place

You wanted it, so you got it! Hand review number three in our current high stakes series with some brand-new faces at today's table.

Let's start off with one of the more well-known players. Currently, antoha1998 probably ranks among the best 20 online players worldwide and people expect that he's soon going to make a push into the global top 10.

Generally, today's table reeks of regs, except for the player in the big blind willem.lodt. There's no information available on him at all. In contrast, Iimitless is another strong player lurking around who has been quite an active member in our Polish community at in the past.

It's also not the first high stakes rodeo for today's Hero NLZWERVERNL, though he's certainly not one of the guys playing the highest limits each and every day.

Diving into the action

With we're holding a hand that's usually played as a 3-bet. In this case, however, Hero decided to just call on the button, hoping the weak player in the big blind will join the frenzy more often this way.

Unfortunately for NLZWERVERNL that didn't really work out, fortunately for us we can dig into a classic reg battle right now, though.

High Roller Analyse hand history
Today's action in detail


Due to Hero's broader preflop cold calling range, it has become more difficult for the preflop aggressor antoha1998 to put his opponent on a precise range. Therefore, while not doing it with every possible holding, you can expect him to check more hands than usual on the flop, especially since he's acting out of position.

Still, he decides to go for a bet here of roughly 1/2 potsize. The size is due to his narrow betting range enabling him to divert from 1/4 or 1/3 pot that's usually bet at these limits. At first sight, the subsequent call by Hero might appear a bit loose. However, with the odds he's getting, he can easily call with two pair, trips as well as backdoor flush draw.

Furthermore, from time to time he's also going to rake in this pot without a monster and, due to the possible outs, is also a better hand to call with than hands like 55 or 66, which would be in this spot.

Getting to the tricky spot

NL High Stakes Analyse

If you already considered folding on the flop against Villain's bet, things must now appear even more dangerous for Hero on the turn. But is it really a fold? Well, that's on you to decide...

One of your options is a bluff raise since the doesn't complete any draws the opponent could have been chasing. In contrast, 89 and 88 perfectly fit our range, enabling us to still represent a value raise in this spot.

The second option is to call again for similar reasons as on the flop. Of course, the plan would be to then bluff the river, if there's a chance to do so, in order to increase the likelihood of winning this pot without just hoping to hit.

Lastly, you can of course also stick to your gut feeling and simply fold this turn. We don't have anything but a bottom pair after all.

Solution for the last high stakes hand

Auslösung Pokerhand

The last hand revolved around the best line to continue with a flush we hit on the turn. The vote was quite balanced, ironically, the slight majority wanted to play unbalanced to make it easier to get the weak player all-in.

However, since we are still quite deep in that spot, especially against the other reg who can close the action as the preflop aggressor, it makes more sense to continue with a balanced line.

If we were the ones closing the action and the reg already checked to us, then a big bet would certainly make sense. However, if we bet that big out of position, we're basically revealing that we only have very strong hands in our range, making it less likely for the preflop aggressor to counter with a raise.

In contrast, with a balanced bet of 1/4 potsize, the aggressor could very well still have a raising range that would allow us to get a better payoff with our flush.

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  • pokerboy198229


    I d like to call more, because we could still have the best hand and turn brings more straights and flush possibillities which he doenst fold to a raise
  • tetimiramar


    I would be inclined to call here. I think a raise is overly aggressive and we can always hit or bluff in the river. Folding would be my second option