How to be more creative (and profitable) at Zoom

A returning coach shows you that you don't need to play an ABC standard game at fast fold poker formats. coach i

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Today we welcome back fan favourite and No Limit expert Dustin 'oblioo' Juniper for the next part in his new mini-series.

He is back playing a NL200 Zoom live session and is looking for some interesting spots to be creative (but still profitable) with unusual lines such as overbetting and creative bluffs. 

In particular at Zoom, where your reads on opponents play less of a factor, it is much easier to fall into some default standard lines, which can make your game stagnant and will hurt you when you try to move up in stakes.  

In case you missed it, here is the first part of the new series.

If you like this new format and want to see more from Dustin, make sure you let us know in the video comments so we can plan more of them in the future. 

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  • LUCKYberioza


    can u add full video??
  • imgoingtomirage


    What do you mean? It is a full video, you need Gold status to see it :)