How to build a bankroll in micro SNGs

Is there still value in 9-man STTs? Collin Moshman certainly thinks so and he shows us why in this new video. coach i

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Our SNG Guru CollinMoshman is back with a new video that dispels the myth that there is no money in single table tournaments.

Our coach thinks there is still plenty of value in nine person SNGs and today does a $1.5 Turbo leakfinder to show you just how soft they are and where the value is. 

9-man STTS used to be where a lot of players began to build a bankroll but in recent years a lot of poker players declared they were 'solved'. Today Collin shows they are still a viable place to start your poker journey and build a solid bankroll. 

If you want more from Collin, don't forget his weekly SNG webinar on Twitch. They usually take place on Wednesdays but for one time only this week you can catch him at 21:00 CEST this Saturday. 

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  • OldSchoolPapa


    Nice video. I think it can be also more profitable to select the time you play in and the tables. For instance if there is 5 regulars at the table i think that your ITM % and ROI% might drop and variance increase. By selecting the right time and average opponent it might be more profitable on the long run. Of course it also depends of your daily volume. If you can play 70 to 100 Sngs on a daily basis it probably less important to do so but if like me you multitable on a low or medium volume it might be more important.

    Thanks Collin for your videos and coaching they are always very interesting.

    P.S: Do you have advices on how to lower the variance while multi-tabling on a medium daily volume ?
  • CollinMoshman


    Good question. There is no good way to lower variance apart from playing the best you can and maximizing your ROI. For example, if you play tighter to increase your ITM %, you won't lower your variance -- it will just decrease your ROI. So the short answer is just to study, table select just like you're saying, and stick with a reasonable table count (probably at most 12 or so tables). Hope that helps and thanks for the nice words!
  • OldSchoolPapa


    Thanks for your answer Collin, i appreciate.
    Have fun at tables :)
  • tetimiramar


    Nice video and very interesting information Colin! Thank you very much!