How to calculate Future EV in tournaments

ICM has its limitations when the blinds are going up all the time so learn how to factor the future into close decisions in MTTs.


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Today LuckyLukePS is back and starting the new year with a new video on an important topic consideration. 

ICM is a very useful tool in tournament poker but the problem is that it does not factor in considerations about the future, for examples when the blinds are about to increase. 

Today's video explains Future Game Simulation (Which you can read about here). Our coach will also use Hold'emResources Calculator to assist him. 

Our coach will cover topics including:

  • What Future EV means
  • How the softness of the field and/or structure impact Future EV
  • When to pass on close edges
  • When to shove wider
  • Future final table considerations

If you want to emulate Luke's study in your own time you can try HoldemResources Calculator for free for two weeks. 

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