How to crush $15 HUSNGs

We continue our deep dive into the micro & small stakes HUSNGs and this time we tackle the first stake where you will face professional players. coach i

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Our new HUSNG and MTT coach honigmund38 returns with the next part of his series showing you how to climb the ranks in HUSNGS. 

Spin & Go has not killed HUSNGs and there is still plenty of profit to be made in them. In fact, if you are thinking of joining SpinLegends, then a good background in HUSNGs is very useful to learn before you grind Spins. 

If you have missed the previous videos in the series, here they are:

Today our coach looks at $15 HUSNGs which is the first place where you might encounter professional HUSNG grinders so you really need to know where to create an edge. In this live session our coach shows you the skills you need to beat these games. 

Stay tuned for more videos from this series as we will climb to the summit of HUSNGs eventually, one level at a time. 

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As soon as you show promise we move you up in stakes and we even take variance out of the equation with EV Insurance.

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