How to crush €50 Spins for 24 hours in a row

Find out how our coach crushed the biggest buy-in Spins for a massive evROI despite being sleep deprived.

24h challenge


Hand Analysis


spin4play & Adriia18




29 minutes

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Last month SpinLegends coach Adriia18 set himself a bold challenge to play for 24 hours straight grinding €50 Spins, with the intention of earning a minimum evROI of 3%.

After 538 games he managed to beat that comfortably, achieving an evROI of 4.24%

We also set a challenge to our community to predict how many games he would play and his final profit figure. The lucky winners of which can be found right here

Joining our hero today is SpinLegends founder Alvaro 'spin4play' Romero. The two sat down to discuss the challenge, what it was like from an endurance perspective and then they review key hands from the event. 

Crushing Spin & Go is not about scoring a big multiplier, it's about being a profitable player without them. That's what this challenge has shown and you really need to watch this video if you want to learn how to do that.

spinlegends video

If you want to learn more about Spin & Go’s and how to get free staking and coaching from some of the biggest experts in the game, visit SpinLegends today.

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