How to play slow small stakes MTTs

Our coach shows you how to survive and thrive in slow small stakes MTTs with large fields, a must have skill for aspiring MTT grinders. coach i

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Our HUSNG and MTT coach honigmund38 returns with another tournament video. 

This time he reviews a final table he made in the $5.50 Daily Marathon, picking out the key hands on his journey to the final table. 

This event should be of particular interest to low stakes grinders because this tournament had 15 minute levels and 4,401 players, meaning that it is a much much slower affair than most small stakes MTTs, so skill should be a major factor compared to the faster shove fests a lot of you guys will be used to. 

If you want to take shots at long MTTs like the Sunday Storm, WCOOP or Micro Millions, this video is for you.

This $5.50 event made a $21,564.90 prize pool - just how far can our coach go? 

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  • viki332


    I am glad there are articles about small slow stakes MTTs. I am a new member and my pokerstrategy points has not arrived yet. looking forward to watch the full video soon.
  • Primrose6789


    The video is really cool. Very well explained.
  • CucumbaMan


    Great video! Thanks for sharing this!