How would you play the river?

See what they are talking about in our poker forums this week? Read here to find out in our community hand of the week.

Hungarian member apa100 is the subject of this week's discussion. As you can see from the table image below, from pre-flop onwards, he was involved in a heads up after three out of five players folded.

Following this, he was gifted hole cards  & which were then paired to the & that landed on the flop alongside the  . Checking first, before responding to oppo's bet with a raise of his own, which is also called, the turn then throws out a where hero makes a further bet which is once again met. Finally, the players are given a on the river.

At which point, we want to know what should hero do next?

Hand evolution

Oppo has a higher aggression factor at the river but can he be slowplaying a set after the turn? Which hand would be worth the raise at the river if hero has already bet 60% of his stack?

button gif

And, given the aggression factor, would a check/call line possibly give us more value?

fmobil certainly thinks so, opting for the check/call and yet kacsa1st believes bet/call at the river is the smart play.

How you play it? Let us know in the comments and play it out yourself below.

Last Week's Poll Results


Remember last week's poll when we discussed a special high stakes game featuring IronPumper? Well, we received a record response, some 1,300 plus votes and, for once, almost all of our communities were in agreement, preferring the overpush. This was with the exception of Bulgaria that opted for bet/call.

Strategists in queue for voting

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Comments (2)

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  • mbml


    c/c will only be better than betting if
    1. there are both busted SDs and FDs. in this case, QT got there
    2. opponent will value bet thin when checked to (opponent bets AK, AA here after facing a river check)

    here, the opponent will often call down AA or KQ AK because there are 2 busted flush draws so easy bet
  • AcaPN


    just push it for value. sets are not slowplaying this, lower 2 pairs are calling, we lose to only 16combo hand (QTs/o). A lot more hands that are behind are calling and he will check back 1 pair hands.