Interview with Miss Russian Community winner 'trilling'

Our Russian Community 2017 champion Julia aka 'trilling' sat down to talk about her win, her many hobbies and the Ukrainian poker blogosphere. Hi, Julia! Why did you decide to participate? Did you expect to become Miss Russian Community?

trilling: It was a spontaneous decision. After the 2015 contest, I didn't want to participate anymore. But I watched it closely and railed for Nonna last year. This time, after the registration had been opened, the thread was empty for some time and that surprised me. I was afraid that this legendary contest would be cancelled, so I made a post with my only new photo and answered the questions quickly. Then I wrote to Snezhana and Maria because these girls were active bloggers interested in the contest.

When I just registered, I didn't expect to win. But, as I was expanding my registration post, I took it into consideration. What were your first impressions after the final results had been published?

trilling: At first, I received lots of congratulatory messages from my friends and celebrated my victory. This year the contest was pretty calm for me. I was only a bit nervous during my initial preparations.

"I really liked the added tasks"

trilling, red dress This year, the format was different. How would you describe the changes? Were they good? What format, in your opinion, would be best?

trilling: Even before I registered, I really liked the added tasks. They proved to be harder than I expected though. They introduced a few new fields to explore, and that's always good.

It was required for the entrants to show their skills. We had to provide a poker comic and a poker related recipe, then show the process of cooking. The base format is still good as it is.

Making the contest longer and giving additional tasks is not a simple matter because the amount of psychological pressure in such cases may be very big. Still, they could have created a sub category like "Miss Originality" and give its winner a monthly status upgrade for her to familiarise herself with advanced content on our site.

And there's one more thing. I think, next year they should send targeted invitations to our girls beforehand. It would be very sad if the contest ceases to exist. Most voters were stunned by your professional looking photos. Did you have a photo shoot specifically for the contest?

trilling: A good question. It just so happened that I love photography and often take photos of my friends and relatives. But, as a rule, a photographer has few photos of themselves. At the moment of registration, I didn't have any good and, most importantly, new photos. Selfies don't count; in most cases, they can hardly be called decent photography.

I had a special photo session just for the contest, and this time my photographer was a guy. It was fun.

trilling on a couch

"I would really like all the guys to try and cook my fish pancakes" Why did you choose this specific recipe for your poker dish? How did it come to mind?

trilling: It's just because it involves pancakes and fish. At first, I wanted to present a visualisation for poker suits or something like that. But then I decided it has to be something hearty and easy to cook. I would really like all the guys (they are in majority here) to try and cook my fish pancakes. What gave you inspiration to make your poker comic?

trilling: Oh, I tried lots of different things and talked to many people about it. They advised me on a wide range of stuff – from kitties to adult stories so mind-blowing I wouldn't dare to publish them.

At first, I wanted to post an insane hand with funny images and comments, but it's not easy at all. It's funny that the more images I looked through, the more often some other stories came to mind, and in a while it all became a huge mess. I was even desperate at times. But, in the end, I took advice from my poker coach from Belarus.

trilling outside Please tell us about your poker career and successes. What do you play, and what is poker for you today?

trilling: Honestly speaking, I still haven't really started playing. I mean, REALLY playing, not just 'visiting' for 20,000 hands per month for fun. I play at NL5 shorthanded, minding my own business, moving down to NL2 when I'm unlucky at NL5 and sometimes sneaking up to NL10.

Poker is a hobby, I play to relax. There was a time I had a coach but I'm a bad student. I don't know how he tolerated me. I want to believe he was a good teacher.

"Ukrainian blogs are calm and friendly"

Thoughtful trilling You're active in our Ukrainian blogosphere. Is it very important to our community?

trilling: If there was no Ukrainian blogosphere I wouldn't have stayed at PokerStrategy, and that's a fact. And it's not only me. I started on this forum at difficult times for my country; they were also difficult in terms of communications over the Internet. But Ukrainian blogs were and still are calm and friendly thanks to our moderator Vladimir aka iva123. I meet offline with many people from there, and they are all very nice. What are your other hobbies? What do you like to do when you have some spare time?

trilling: I don't have much free time really because I'm a mother in the first place. But I'm really interested in physiology, neurobiology, psychology. I read related articles and I'm very into all these things.

I also started studying Christianity and the Vedas more closely – there's so much to learn there. And, of course, philosophy – can't live without it. I already mentioned photography and there are a few unfinished paintings of mine. I bought one more canvas recently for another one. The fact they are unfinished doesn't worry me, I know I'll return to them eventually. And there are also handmade things I enjoy 'crafting'. But most of all I like walking, enjoying the views, especially near water, plus meditation and yoga. Thanks for the interview, Julia. Congratulations on your victory and good luck in 2018!

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