Is Ole Schemion the best player in the world right now?

In the Community Weekly Round-Up Barry Carter is giddy about a bet he has made on EPT Player of the Season Ole Schemion.

//’s been a long time since I bet on the outcome of a poker tournament, but last week I managed to get in on the ground floor of a lucky coup. One of my heroes in poker, Jesse May, pointed out that Ladbrokes had priced Ole 'olekonjole' Schemion at 80-1 to win One Drop this year (They also priced last year’s winner Tony Gregg at the same odds, briefly).

I rushed to get a cheeky bet in on Ole. Of course, with One Drop, there is the risk that the player won’t attend, what with it being a seven-figure buy-in, which no doubt impacted the odds. However 80-1 in a 56 capped field seemed like a steal, especially considering Ole might be the best live tournament player in the world right now.

This belief of mine was vindicated by the fact that, within an hour, Ladbrokes had suspended the market and now he is rightly priced at 22-1. Obviously they realised their error.

I was also vindicated by the fact that last week, Ole won the EPT player of the season. He had amassed over $2.1 million over 14 cashes this season. He also did something quite amazing in that three times he managed to cash in the Main Event, High Roller and Super High Roller at the same EPT stop (In Barcelona, the PCA and Monaco) – what is being dubbed as the 'EPT Triple Crown'.

But what is truly amazing about all of this, is that this year will be his first trip to Vegas, as he is just 21 years old. In the few years he has been legally allowed to play live poker in Europe, he has amassed more than $5 million in cashes. Enough to make him currently the number one on the Global Poker Index list without a single US cash. I’m sure there have been under-21s who have won similar amounts online before they were legal to play the WSOP, but I’m not sure I have ever seen anyone this prolific in live events at such a young age.

The way in which his peers talk about him reminds me in the way I hear poker players describe sharing a table with Phil Ivey. A mixture of intimidation and dumbfoundment that anyone can be that good.

Of course I am super jealous that anyone that young can have ‘the world by its balls’ (To quote Tony Soprano) so much, especially when I realise that Ole was 11 when I first started playing. However, I’m so pleased that I managed to get in on an 80-1 sweat on the player who is probably the favourite in any tournament he plays right now.

Is Ole Schemion the best live MTT player in the world right now? If not, who is?

Thread of the week

//'s the last few hours to get in on this, so I felt it was worthy of a bump.

HrzmiesRNMD is doing a survey for a postdoctoral research project at Newcastle University about betting behaviour in online poker. He is giving away 4 x $50 Amazon vouchers as prizes for people who participate. 

Anything that furthers our understanding of poker and behaviour is good in my book (but really, it's all about those Amazon vouchers). 

LOL of the week

I'm surprised I haven't featured Stapes in this section before, so I will rectify that right now:

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  • Alficor1


    Ept tripple crown is winning these three tournaments, not cashing in them at the same festival.
  • BarryCarter


    EPT triple crown is what pokerstars is calling it btw, not me, only paraphrasing

    I think the point of the accolade is that its pretty hard to cash in all three events in the same festival. It would be almost impossible to win all three in one festival obviously as the final tables/day ones would clash.

    I agree winning one of all three types would be a better triple crown, nobody has done it yet I believe.
  • junfandan


    Ladbrokes also have Johnny Chan at 225/1 to win the ME - Jason Mercier et al are 300/1 (slightly off imo)
  • Alficor1


    I mean everytime I watch an ept live stream, they call an ept tripple crown winning all three.

    Quite a few people are somewhat close (Elky, Finger and Mercier come to mind), so I guess thats why its a thing.

    And yeah, <3 Ole
  • Alficor1


    Hes also rly cute
  • ClerkenwellBoi


    @5 I am glad you said that before I did....I was thinking that it might be really low brow of me to mention such non-poker related attributes :)