Is Zoom tougher since the VIP changes?

Does a change in rakeback impact the softness of a poker format? In this new video our coach discusses player tendencies based on VIP schemes. coach asimos

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Today asimos is back after a well deserved break with a new video on a pretty unique topic.  

Today our coach plays NL100 Zoom live and talks about adapting in these games. Specifically to how the games have changed since the VIP system at PokerStars changed.

Does the new VIP system make the games softer or tougher? It's an interesting question and not one you see broken down into this much detail while at the tables. This video will help you think about how changes to VIP affect all games on all sites in the future too. 

If you didn't know already asimos is a Zoom crusher who plays NL100 and NL200, but will soon be making the jump to NL500 Zoom. 

He is an experienced coach and if you want to learn more you can visit his blog, which is one of the most popular cash game blogs in our community forum. 

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