Is there a way to catch some value?

Playing from under the gun can be stressful, and this time you need to show us the way to value on a dangerous board.

This week we're trying to catch some value at NL50. Our Hero has a good enough hand for it, even for playing from under the proverbial gun. His raise gets called by two players in late positions, Button and Big Blind.


While the Flop may look dangerous, there's no reason to suppress our primal aggression factor. On the contrary, our hand is too strong to play it passively and it needs protection against two wide calling ranges.

Our opponents are pretty much unknown to us, but scraps and crumbs of information we have suggest that these players may be of a loose-passive nature. So the Flop cards may fit their ranges rather nicely and we should tread carefully. But, again, it doesn't mean we need to shut down all our activity and be quiet as a mouse. As much as we may hate it on later streets, the Flop c-bet is a must. The Big Blind has missed completely while the Button decides to play some more.

Now, the Turn card is an interesting specimen. It's not exactly a blank like a Deuce and it's not really a sound murder threat like a King would be. Still, it improves a part of the Villain's range - especially hands like T9, K9 and A9. This time our Hero decides to slow down and our opponent replies with a half-pot bet. There's no reason for us to fold just yet.

The River completes another community pair, and we can't be happy about it. That's where your expertise will show us the way but this time we keep the list of options short.

There's obviously not much value in betting the River, so the question is: can we call the Villain's River bet? And what about playing the Turn differently? Did we have enough value there? If so, we could have kept chasing it. Anyway, time to vote!

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Hand of the Week

Hey, kids! Back in November, we accepted that challenge and tried to slowplay a solid regular with the help of 950 players. Uncle Barney, as always, kept pressing for legendary value, and our users supported his claim by a majority of votes - up to 63% in German community. Feel the power of the ducky tie! Meanwhile, aunt Robin suggested that there's more value in raising the Turn but only Italian community supported her.

Turns out, aunt Robin was right all along. We have a nut hand on the Turn and the problem is in the size of our pot. If we want to make it bigger and get some value, ideally by shoving the River, we have to raise now.

The River raise doesn't look good. We need to consider what hands would actually pay us plus we could still get a shove from the Villain. In that case our situation would be most dire.

In reality, our Hero wasn't sure about his options either and so he decided to play the Turn passively. When the Villain made a pot-sized bet on the River, our Hero reasonably called only to see a straight with JT.

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    This is funny one )))))))) pokerstartegy lol :D