Is your self image costing you money at the table?

We all know about creating an image at the poker table, but is the story you tell yourself about who you are sabotaging your results?


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Today LuckyLukePS is back a very deep and personal look at the mental traps that could be costing your game dearly. 

We all have stories we tell ourselves that inform who we are, how we see the world and what is important to us. They operate in the background but influence everything we do.

If you were bullied as a child, it may influence how to handle a regular being overly aggressive with you. If you think you are unluckier than most, you might gamble too much to confirm that theory. In this video Luke dissects five common stories poker player's tell:

  • The risk averse player
  • The fighter
  • The kid with the dream
  • The self saboteur
  • The selfish self

Today our coach looks at these common stories we tell ourselves and shares advice on how to rewire those stories. 

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