Join Chest Hunting on PokerStars tonight!

Find out everything you need to know about Stars Rewards and have fun while our coach goes hunting for 'Chests', this evening on Twitch.

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July 11, 20:00 CEST

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LemOn36 is back and as always has something unique and relevant to low stakes players. 

You will have already heard about the new PokerStars VIP system Stars Rewards, where you unlock 'Chests' with randomised prizes inside. 

Tonight our coach has a one off fun Twitch stream to give you the lowdown on this new system. You will discover:

  • What the new system looks like in play
  • How it differs from the old system
  • How long it takes to earn Chests at the micros

This is set to be a fun one and you can join in via the Twitch chat to find out more in the moment. Find out more in LemOn36's coaching thread.

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Comments (8)

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  • SeagalSteven


    Only thing one should know about the chests, is that it's PS way to hide massive up to 85% cut to rakeback. You should not play on Stars anymore.
  • nsavov


    Yep, you shouldnt play cash or STT, but you can still play MTTs :)
  • ChokoMute


    Still interesting to see someone else´s point of view to get a better understanding of how the new system actually works
  • LemOn36


    Yes make sure you join the discussion in the Chat boys!
  • reggie123


    " the new system actually works.." its simple, they get more, you get less.
  • luckinsearch


    Looks flashy and awesome with massive advertisement. Reality, drastic rakeback cut down for every player.

    Media influence is strong. Almost convince me that their site provides a fair environment for every players.
  • Thiamtan


    i have stop play on pokerstars now fore the new Stars Rewards
  • Anarkii14


    its so great system I dont understand why people are leaving :D. Few star coins and freeroll tickets with trilion players arent fun? ... and if you grind more and make more rake, your requirements go higher for next chests ... really cool feature. LOL jokerstars