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Learn how to learn with this three part series on how to conduct a hand review at the micro stakes.

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May 22, 20:00 CEST

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LemOn36 is back with a new series aimed at making you feel more secure in your study and therefore your results. 

One of the reasons why players find hand reviews and self study hard is because they are unsure as to whether they have arrived at the correct answer or not. This leads us to overvalue results because we don't know how well we played. 

The Review Master is a three week series that shows you how to review your hands after a micro stakes session, so you can be sure you are learning every time. 

Each week our coach will play a fast session then show you how he reviews his play afterwards. The series looks like this:

  • May 8 - The Human Touch: A review based on how well we thought we played (video available)
  • May 15 - Technology: How to put our assumptions to test using the best software (video available)
  • May 22 - Private Coaching: Our coach is joined by guest expert la55i who will mentor him and show him the value of private coaching. 

Find out more and ask questions at LemOn36's official thread

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  • sirlax27


    Hoping to catch this series
  • imgoingtomirage


    The last part of this series will be live tonight. Join LemOn36 and his special guest - la55i!