Last chance on bencb's Masterclass SCOOP discount

Don't miss out on discounted prizes for bencb's Masterclass, only available until the end of the day, and take your MTT play to an expert level.

The Spring Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars is coming to a close and today's your last chance to profit from a long-awaited discount sale on bencb's unique tournament coaching course.

The SCOOP is one of the most popular online series throughout the year and especially the high-priced events draw a whole bunch of great players to the tables. With bencb's Tournament Masterclass you will get exactly what you need in order to successfully stand your ground against these players.

Only until the end of the day, the Apprentice Class is still on sale with the code SCOOPAPP, offering a discount of $100. The Expert Class can be booked for $200 less with the discount code SCOOPEXP.

Simply enter the code in the respective field when enrolling into your course of choice on the Raise Your Edge website to profit from the discount.

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bencb's free content on YouTube

The Tournament Masterclass by bencb is arguably the best coaching course you can currently get your hands on and highly popular amongst PokerStrategists. If you're at home at the upper tournament limits and trying to stay ahead of the curve, this is your chance to pounce with the best SCOOP events right around the corner!

If you don't know bencb yet, he is one of the most successful online tournament players to date and has won millions of dollars at the virtual felt. Besides his huge passion for poker, bencb is also a very passionate coach who takes a lot of pride in helping other players reach their full potential. Therefore, he also started his own specialised online coaching site Raise Your Edge.

On top of that, he also launched his own YouTube channel at the start of the year, offering completely free educational videos with great insights on current tournaments and cash games. Amongst those videos, you can for instance find an analysis of key hands on his way to victory in the $102,000 WCOOP Super High Roller 2016, which many consider the toughest online tournament to date:

There's much more first-class content to be found on bencb's channel, so best check it out for yourself and enjoy the free ride:

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A free look into the Masterclass

Everyone joining his unique course will of course benefit from the entirety of bencb's undoubted expertise in poker. If you're trying to reach a similar level at the felt, the Tournament Masterclass is your best chance to get there.

The free introductory video to the course provides you with all the information you need in order to decide whether the Tournament Masterclass is a fitting offer for your level of play or not.

You will learn how to make good decisions for a wide range of different situations, which is the one skill that really forms a strong and fearsome poker player. More importantly, you will learn how to make better decisions than your opponents or other winning players.

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Raising your edge with bencb

Package Masterclass

The Tournament Masterclass is a very extensive coaching offer, making it not really feasible listing all the content in its entireness here. In short, the most important aspects of the Tournament Masterclass are though:

  • More than 25 hours of video content
  • A step by step guide on pre-flop, post-flop and ICM play
  • Simple rules and guidelines that you can implement in your game right away
  • Ranges for the most important pre-flop scenarios
  • When to play according to GTO and when to play exploitive
  • Methods and home work to work on your own game
  • A healthy mix of theoretical and practical content
  • How to master challenging close spots
  • How to keep the game simple while still always being one step ahead
  • All the secrets, hints and experiences bencb has been able to collect during his entire poker career
  • New and updated content on a regular basis

It's easily the best offer out there for advanced players looking to take the next step to become a real professional. With the currently still available SCOOP discounts, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss.

Get to the top with the Tournament Masterclass

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