Learn about poker, sex and killing tilt with Maxippouce

Learn to master tilt the fun way with a video from our new French producer Maxippouce.

Type: Tilt, sex, what to do when your girlfriend blows your bankroll.
Producer: Maxippouce
Status: BasicBasic+
Length: 9 minutes

Forget JaredTendler and ErikStenqvist, if you really want to kill tilt forever, we suggest you watch our new video from Maxippouce.

Maxippouce is an expert on everything you want to know about poker, sex and eliminating tilt forever. See how he conquered his mindset the day he came home from work and discovered his girlfriend blowing his bankroll against Isildur1 when she thought she was playing at the play money tables. 

Ok, you might not cure your tilt forever, but the next time you find yourself steaming it won't hurt to watch this video from our new French producer. It may not bring your bankroll back, but you'll laugh your ass off for a while at least. 

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