Life lessons you'll gain from poker

It's not all about the fun, money and excitement, you get more out of the game...

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1) Improvement is essential

Poker is an evolutionary system, the hunter will quickly become the hunted if he is not constantly striving to improve.

2) Making pressurised decisions

Online poker is a fast game and the quality of your decisions is key to your success. As a poker player, you're trained to make these important decisions in a matter of seconds - imagine how useful that'll be in a board room!

3) The value of money

As a poker player you're also trained to make astute investments with your money - you'll learn very quickly which kind of risks are acceptable!

4) Handling setbacks

In poker success is no straight line, it's a rollercoaster. Experience in the game will teach you to deal with barren spells in life, and that achievement is not measured in the short-term.

5) Strategic thinking

In poker you're always weighing up your options and estimating the consequences of each. This allows you to plan out your most likely path to success ahead of time - name a walk of life where a skill like that isn't useful!

6) Controlling your emotions

Poker players often play a hand to absolute perfection and still wind up losing every chip in front of them, frustrating right? Wrong. With the experience and knowledge of variance that poker brings you, you'll be able to shrug these cursed hands off and re-focus your mind immediately.

7) YOU are responsible for your own success

In poker it's you against the world. There's nowhere to hide when things aren't going your way, and you take all the plaudits during a purple patch - just like running your own business!
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  • kidzoltan


    Awesome article!
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    "price is what you pay
    value is what you get"
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    you guys aren't sarcastic?
    this is an article?
    seems like someone googled few pictures and wrote a little basic general stuff in 5-10 minutes
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    That quote from Warren (which I just discovered who he is) is so "valuable" :D
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    Could be a good article.
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    Nice arti-cle :/
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    agreed :)
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    Take this to a job interview...
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    hi. really very nice article. this all inspire a man :-).. is good for live and for poker..
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    agreed very much
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    Nice article
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    Improvement is always essential
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    Playing chess helps in constructive thinking
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    nice article